10 Yoga For Weight Gain

10 Yoga For Weight Gain

Yoga For Weight Gain: Like obesity, a weak and lean body is also not good for health. Diseases develop quickly in a weak body, as well as a weak body also affects the personality very much. Due to thinness, some people also see a lack of self-confidence. Along with this, due to a lean body, tension starts increasing and irritability starts coming in nature too.

To remove leanness, you can take the help of yoga along with the right diet. Yoga poses for weight gain are very helpful, yoga helps in making the body strong by removing many shortcomings and flaws of the body. Yoga is equally beneficial in increasing weight as it is beneficial in reducing weight.

With the help of yoga, you can increase your digestion capacity and remove muscle weakness. To gain weight and become fat, it is very important to have a strong digestive system. How does yoga helps get fat and what are the yoga poses that help increase weight, we will know about this topic further in this article.

How To Know Whether There Is A Need To Gain Weight Or Not?

Before knowing about yoga poses for weight gain, once you know whether you need to gain weight or not. For this, you can take the help of the Body Mass Index. Through Body Mass Index, you can find out your exact weight according to your age and height. You can find out the Body Mass Index online.

If your Body Mass Index is less than 18.5 then you need to gain weight and if your Body Mass Index is 18.5 to 25 then your weight will be considered normal, which is considered the best. Whereas BMI of 25 to 29.9 is kept in the category of overweight.

10 Yoga For Weight Gain 

Before knowing about yoga for weight gain, keep one thing in your mind that only by doing yoga, you will not gain weight, along with yoga to increase weight, you should also have a good diet. You can get the benefits of yoga only if you are on a good diet.

If your diet is not right then yoga poses for weight gain cannot help you. Therefore, to gain weight, you must know once about the diet plan. Some of the best yoga for weight gain are as follows.

Diamond Pose

Diamond Pose | Yoga For Weight Gain

Diamond Pose is most useful for making the digestive system strong. This is the only asana that can be practiced even after eating food. It is useful for quick digestion of food, strengthens the digestive system, calms the mind, and relieves fatigue. Do practice Diamond Pose in yoga poses for weight gain.

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Cobra Pose

Cobra pose | Yoga For Weight Gain

Cobra pose is also a great yoga posture for people struggling with the problem of thinness. In Cobra Pose, the shape of the body looks like a snake, which is also called “Cobra Pose”. Cobra Pose is very useful in strengthening digestion, increasing appetite, getting rid of stomach problems, and keeping the heart-healthy. To become fat, practice this asana in yoga.

Wind Relieving Pose

Wind Relieving Pose | Yoga For Weight Gain

Wind Relieving Pose is also a very effective yoga for weight gain. By the practice of this asana, excess air i.e. gas comes out of the body, and diseases related to the stomach are removed. wind relieving pose is also very beneficial for strengthening the digestive system and increases appetite. People who feel less hungry, do not feel like eating and drinking or the stomach becomes heavy after eating a little food, they must practice this asana.

Shoulder Stand

Shoulder stand | Yoga For Weight Gain

Shoulder Stand is considered to be the queen of all poses. The benefits of this asana are available to every part of the body, whether to reduce weight or increase weight, Shoulder stand is useful for both.

Shoulder stand improves the circulation of blood and oxygen, due to which the food and drink feel good in the body and all the parts of the body get nutrients. Along with this, Shoulder stands are also very beneficial for skin, hair, back pain and to increase energy in the body.

Fish Pose

Fish Pose | Yoga For Weight Gain

Fish pose is the next name in the yoga of being fat. In this posture, the posture of the body looks like that of fish, which is also called the fish pose. Fish pose is good for the thyroid gland, as well as it is also useful for increasing digestion power, improving metabolism, and keeping the heart-healthy. To gain weight, you should practice this asana regularly.

Wheel Pose

Wheel Pose | Yoga For Weight Gain

Wheel Pose is also a good pose to gain weight. While doing this pose, the shape of the body appears round like a wheel. These asanas are most useful for increasing the power of digestion, along with the continuous practice of this asana, hunger is also open and food and drink starts feeling in the body. The practice of Wheel pose is a bit difficult, so do it only under the supervision of a yoga expert.

Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation | Yoga For Weight Gain

Sun Salutation is also very useful for weight gain. The practice of Sun Salutation strengthens the muscles of the whole body, improves metabolism, and strengthens the digestive power. Along with this, Sun Salutation is also very useful for back pain, knee pain, and stomach-related problems. 

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Bow Pose

Bow Pose | Yoga For Weight Gain

Bow Pose is one of the best yoga poses done on the stomach. You must also practice this asana to remove stomach-related problems and strengthen the digestive system.

In Bow Pose, the shape of the body looks like a bow, it is very beneficial in making the body flexible and fit. Along with this, it also helps in increasing the stamina of the body. It is also a good yoga posture for thyroid problems.

Child Pose

Child Pose | Yoga For Weight Gain

Child Pose is a useful pose to relieve stress and strengthen the digestive power, as well as child pose is a simple yoga posture, everyone can easily practice it. For those who are new to the field of yoga or who do not have much knowledge about yoga, this is a good yoga asana.

Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose | Yoga For Weight Gain

To gain weight, it is also very important to keep calm in mind, that is, you should not have any kind of stress or anxiety. Corpse pose yoga is most useful for getting rid of stress and anxiety.

Doing Corpse Pose for 5-10 minutes gives peace to the mind, removes fatigue from the body, and develops energy in the body. After doing yoga to gain weight, do the practice of Corpse pose at the end.

How Yoga Helps In Gaining Weight? 

Some people have many misconceptions about yoga for gain weight. According to him, yoga is beneficial only in reducing weight, how can yoga increase weight? While this is not the case at all, the benefits of yoga are as much for weight loss as they are for weight gain. How yoga helps gain weight, we will understand it by some points.

  1. Doing regular yoga and exercise strengthens the digestive power. To gain weight, it is very important to have strong digestion power. If the digestive power is strong, then eating and drinking will also feel good in the body.
  2. One of the main reasons for not gaining weight is loss of appetite. By doing yoga and exercise, one gets hungry openly and the body gets enough calories.
  3. By doing yoga, immunity increases. Due to this, the body stays away from various types of diseases, which are necessary for weight gain.
  4. By doing yoga, all the problems related to the stomach and stomach are removed, it is very important to keep the stomach healthy to gain weight.
  5. Stress and anxiety are removed by doing yoga, to gain weight, it is necessary to remove stress and anxiety.
  6. By doing yoga, the muscles are stretched, due to which they become strong.

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Keep These Things In Mind In Yoga For Weight Gain

Before practicing yoga for weight gain, keep these important things in mind as well.

  1. Do not practice any other asana except diamond pose and corpse pose for more than 2 minutes.
  2. Do not practice yoga immediately after a meal, except diamond pose.
  3. These yoga poses can be practiced in the morning or the evening.
  4. If there is any problem while doing any pose, then do not practice that pose. Do not force any force on the body.
  5. Practice these poses only in an open place and keep paying attention to your breath again and again.
  6. Do not practice yoga in a hard place, it can increase the risk of injury. It would be better if you practice these poses on a good yoga mat only.

Follow These Tips Along With Yoga To Get Fat

  1. To gain weight, take full care of your diet along with yoga poses. To gain weight, your diet must have a proper amount of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fat.
  2. To become fat, the body also needs rest very much, so it takes 7-8 hours. Sleep on time at night and try to wake up on time in the morning.
  3. To get fat, along with yoga, you must also do some weight exercises. Due to weight exercise, the appetite is open and the muscles also grow rapidly.
  4. Do not consume the wrong things to gain weight, especially stay away from fast food and oily food. They work to harm the digestive system.
  5. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. By drinking water, the toxins present in the body come out, due to which the immunity of the body increases, the stomach remains healthy, and food and drink start getting absorbed in the body.
  6. To increase weight, you must also consume fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains, dairy products, dry fruits, and different types of pulses in your diet.
  7. Be patient to gain weight, it takes some time to gain weight naturally, so don’t get demotivated and keep trying.
  8. Do not use any kind of supplements, medicines, powders, and capsules to become fat, they have many side effects.


If you do regular yoga practice with a good diet and a little improvement in lifestyle, then you can easily gain weight. Gaining weight is not a very difficult task, so always think positive and keep trying.


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