Windows vs Linux Shared Hosting server: Which is a Better option?

Windows vs Linux Shared Hosting server: Which is a Better option?

When people bring their websites online initially, they prefer a reliable, simple, and feasible web hosting solution. This is where shared server web hosting enters the picture. Shared server web hosting is the cheapest option among all the available web hosting solutions in the industry.

Further, it comes with easy hosting and enables you to host your website smoothly. However, you need to make a crucial choice of opting for an operating system that is required to be run at the server’s base for your website. The two most famous & prevalent operating system choices you come across are Linux & Windows. 

Many website owners go about with any operating system that comes along with the shared web server. But, this casual approach can affect your website’s functioning and growth in the near future. So, you must properly evaluate your choice of operating system before you go with a certain shared server web hosting plan. 

Through this guide, you will gain insights into both Linux shared hosting & Windows shared hosting. But, let us learn first about the working & significance of shared server web hosting. 

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared server web hosting is a straightforward and steadfast web hosting solution. It lets you share the space of the physical web server as well as its resources with other users existing on the same server. Sharing helps in reducing the cost of the shared server web hosting plans to the lowest. 

Moreover, your web host takes charge of every operation, management, and security related to the web hosting server. You are not required to take any responsibility when it comes to server administration. So, you get the time & flexibility to shift your focus completely towards hosting & growing your website without any hassle. 

Further, the shared server running the Linux operating system at its foundation provides Linux shared hosting. Whereas the shared web server running the Windows operating system at its foundation provides Windows shared server web hosting.      

Comparison of Windows and Linux Shared Hosting

S.No. Linux Shared Web Hosting  Windows Shared Web Hosting 
1. Linux operating system is an open-sourcr platform. Windows operating system is a product of Microsoft Corporation.
2. Linux OS is free to employ.  Windows OS comes with licensing cost.
3. Linux shared hosting servers are much cheaper than Windows shared server. Windows shared hosting servers are costlier than the Linux shared hosting servers.
4. It provides excellent support to PHP, Per;, and Python.  It renders excellent support to MSSQL, ASP.NET and other such platforms. 
5. It lets you acquire incredible layers of customizability.  It provides you good customizability options. 

Who is The Winner Between Windows and Linux Shared Hosting?

After comprehending the differences between the two operating systems, you must have made up your mind for picking any one of them that is most suitable for your website. Moreover, let us give a quick direction to those who still are in dilemma. 

In case your work lies around designing & development, Linux shared hosting will be the ultimate choice for you. This is because it comes with the cPanel that lets you employ customizability & hosting flexibility with utmost ease and no requirement of expertise. 

However, if you require a highly user-friendly hosting environment and do not have to deal with many development tasks, Windows shared hosting is your choice. 

On the other side, if you need to work for cooperation, you must pick Windows shared hosting as it will let you run a web hosting server on MSSQL. But, if you are needed to work with languages such as Perl, Python, PHP, etc., you will be on the better side with Linus shared web hosting. 

Furthermore, you must make sure that the operating system you pick is highly compatible with your website and extremely beneficial for your website’s advancement. 

The Best Shared Hosting Provider-Hostbillo


No matter which operating system you choose to go with, you must seek a reliable & dependable web host to obtain the aptest shared server web hosting plan for your website. Hostbillo is the top-notch as well as most influential web hosting company renowned for rendering Cheap Linux shared hosting & Windows shared hosting plans at the cheapest cost pricing. 

The company assures the delivery of cutting-edge technologies and hyper-scale web hosting facilities with both kinds of shared server web hosting plans. Moreover, you obtain the following incredible hosting advantages with Hostbillo’s cheap Windows as well as Linux shared hosting servers –

  • 24/7 Technical & customer support service via a team of skilled specialists & proficient professionals
  • 99.90% Uptime assurance 
  • Robust & fastest network connectivity
  • 100% SSD (Solid State Drives) data storage
  • Advanced data protection measures
  • Compelling control panel choices and much more.


Shared server web hosting is the most feasible & manageable web hosting solution available in the industry. It is the best choice to pick for hosting your website at its initial growth stages. It allows you to handle your website hosting smoothly and easily. Further, the operating system that comes with the shared physical server brings in additional hosting features & benefits. 

You should pick the most appropriate operating systems among Windows & Linux under your shared server hosting plan based on your website necessities and other demands. Moreover, at Hostbillo, you can acquire the best-in-class web hosting services with both the best Linux shared hosting & Windows shared server web hosting.

Visit the official & detailed website of the company now to gain more insightful information about the cheapest Windows & Linux shared web hosting plans. 


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