Wide-Ranging Handles to Blend with Your Interior Theme

Wide-Ranging Handles to Blend with Your Interior Theme

We decide everything from scratch to endow the best appearance on our house. The door handles are the features that come at the end, but their planning is done in advance. Door handles have dual roles. First, they are required to draw the doors and secondly they act as an embellishment. Therefore, you need to be careful when selecting handles for your doors. When it comes to selecting a door handle design, you will get many options in the market.

When you will go out with a professional, she would be able to suggest you many ideas. For deciding on your own, this write-up is going to help you. Here, you will get introduced to a large number of door handles that are available in the market. You can use the information provided, here, to explore these handles in the market and buy the one that merges with the interior of your house. 

Lever on Back-plate

They are the customary style of handles that are used for dressing or powder rooms. The lever on the back plate has the conventional pull handle designs. They have got this name because of a metal plate behind the lever that is used to pull or push the door. These doors also have a keyhole for locking purposes. Or else you can combine it with a latch for the purpose of locking. The back-plate could be of different shapes including curve, rectangular, and arched. The styles are various ranging from classic to contemporary.     

Lever on the Rose

This variety of door handles come along with a lever that is affixed with a circular disc. The disc provides support to the lever for drawing it up and down. This handle is way too different than the lever on the back-plate one. It is lesser in length and the circular disc gives it a concise appearance. The designs that differ in the discs could be square as well as curved. Also, the handle comes in a diverse range of materials. Thus, you can choose the one that blends the best with your requirement. 

Door Knobs

The classic style of door handles is a knob. It is easy to operate and understanding its mechanism is not difficult at all. The door knobs are spherical in design and they are twisted left or right to pull or push the door. Door knobs have a feel of antiquity to them and they complete the look of any door of your house. However, you can use them specifically in bedrooms or backyard doors. Today, people prefer to use knob-style handles for giving a classic look to their doors. You can, too, use this door handle design for generating a rustic aura in your house. 

D Pull Handles

They are not used for the purpose of locking a door. They have received the name by their appearance. They are shaped like the English alphabet ‘D’ that has inspired the name. It is one of the pull handle designs that are efficient for drawing a door. They are not meant for the latch or security i.e. if you are looking for a handle with a lock then this one cannot be your choice. D Pull handles are useful for modular kitchens, cabinets, or cupboards. 

Cabinet Pull Handles

As the name suggests, these handles are useful for the cabinets. They are somewhat similar to D pull handles. They are more useful for the purpose of pulling or pushing the doors. They are not accompanied by a lock. Thus, they are more useful for spots that do not require security. Modular kitchens or side shelves are the ideal spots for fixing these handles. 

Final Words

You have read about a variety of door handles. Not all of them are suitable for security purposes. You can get a lock fixed with your door handle in order to secure a place. You can find suitable locking systems, ranging from classic to digital ones, for your doors.     


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