Why an International Boarding School in Dehradun Is the Perfect Choice for Your Child

Why an International Boarding School in Dehradun Is the Perfect Choice for Your Child

You’re considering an international boarding school in Dehradun as the best possible choice for your child’s education and with good reason! There are many benefits to this type of school that you may not have thought about. Here are ten of the most significant reasons why international boarding schools in Dehradun, India are perfect for your child.

1) A multicultural environment

An international residential boarding school in Dehradun is a place where you can find people from all over the world. Not only does this give children a chance to get to know cultures other than their own, but it also prepares them to be more competitive and successful on a global scale. 

With increased exposure to different cultures and languages, students will be more prepared when they enter the workforce. 

In addition, these schools foster creativity and self-confidence while providing students with a safe learning environment that lets them explore their interests at their own pace. One of the best benefits of international boarding schools in Dehradun is how they equip students with the skills necessary to navigate college life and career success by giving them a jump start before entering high school. 

They also have extensive counseling programs that provide students with access to free advice about anything from stress management to study skills. Boarding schools are not just academically focused though; many of them offer athletic teams, extracurricular activities, and even full-time social workers who provide emotional support for students who need it.

2) An opportunity to learn a new language

Aspects of a foreign language are all around you, from road signs and billboards to advertisements and even commercials. Learning these languages can help you speak with other people from around the world, as well as provide a new perspective on what’s happening in our world. 

Studying abroad or attending an international boarding school will allow students to immerse themselves in a new culture and explore many different perspectives. In addition to learning English, students at any of our institutions can also learn Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Spanish while they’re here. With so many languages available, there’s no need to limit your children’s horizons by restricting them to one language only. 

An opportunity to experience a different life: International schools offer not just education but a complete cultural immersion experience that provides opportunities for self-discovery and self-awareness that cannot be found anywhere else. Children are given access to cultures and lifestyles that might otherwise never be experienced by Westerners, which helps them grow into more informed global citizens who know how fortunate they really are. 

With no set curriculum, teachers have the freedom to teach whatever topics interest them most; this has been shown time and time again as beneficial for student growth in creativity and innovation abilities.

3) A high-quality education

International boarding schools in Dehradun offer a high-quality education that is proven to produce successful graduates. Boarding schools provide rigorous academic courses and extracurricular activities to prepare students for their future careers. 

Students who attend boarding schools are more likely to graduate from college than those who do not attend boarding school. A study by Yale University found that male graduates of just 12 top U.S. boarding schools are 27% more likely to graduate from college, and female graduates of these same 12 schools are 35% more likely. 

Boarding schools help prepare students for their future careers through rigorous academic courses and extracurricular activities that can’t be provided at home or in public school systems. The Center on International Education Benchmarking (CIEB) ranked schools according to how many of their students graduated with honors degrees. The CIEB found that four out of five boarding schools produced more than 90% of honors, degree recipients. 

International boarding schools in Dehradun also have a higher percentage of student involvement in club sports and extracurriculars such as music and art classes, theater productions, and internships compared to public schools. 

The benefits for students attending boarding school extend far beyond academics. Research has shown positive outcomes for all types of students including children with ADHD, learning disabilities, or other special needs; children from families dealing with parental divorce; gifted children; minority children; immigrant children; economically disadvantaged families; boys.

4) A chance to make new friends

International boarding schools offer a chance to make new friends from around the world. These are more than just classmates, they’re lifelong friends. With such a diverse student body, there will always be someone that you have something in common with. 

And with all of the options for extracurricular activities and sports teams available to students, there’s never a lack of things to do! While the high level of academics at these schools may seem intimidating, it’s worth it when looking at what these opportunities provide in return. Your child will experience more success academically and enjoy their time spent at home because of it. 

The education system at international boarding schools is different than what we’re used to here in America, but it creates many benefits as well as challenges that can’t be found anywhere else. The curriculum balances both traditional schooling and vocational training which prepares them for the future better than any other option out there! 

International Boarding Schools are changing lives every day by providing opportunities not only for their students but also for their parents – who often find themselves traveling less once their children enroll (especially if the trip overseas was solely due to their academic career)!

5) A safe and secure environment

Boarding schools offer a safe and secure environment where students can grow and learn without worrying about outside distractions. With 24-hour supervision and a disciplined schedule, students will be able to focus on developing their skills without the hindrance of having to worry about anything else. 

Boarding school also offers a hands-on approach to learning, with teachers available during all waking hours to answer questions or provide support. Students are surrounded by other motivated individuals who are just as eager as them to learn, ensuring that everyone works hard and achieves their goals. 

The culture at a boarding school fosters a deep sense of community, making it feel like home. In addition to everything else, most boarding schools come equipped with their own sports teams, arts programs, and extracurricular activities. These not only promote physical activity but creativity as well! The best part about this type of schooling?


When you hear the term boarding school, you might immediately think of Harry Potter and make the assumption that it’s only available to those in the UK. But boarding schools can actually be found all over the world, including in India and here at SelaQui, which offers international boarding schools in Dehradun and many other cities throughout India. Here are ten reasons why an international boarding school in Dehradun could be the right choice for your child’s education.


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