Wholesale Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes with Your Logo Printed On Them

Wholesale Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes with Your Logo Printed On Them

Setup boxes are another name for rigid containers. Luxury goods packaging sometimes includes custom boxes made from this paper stock. Protect your fragile products with Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes that are four times more sturdy than folding cartons.

Many diverse industries, not just the fashion sector, employ Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes for their clothes, cosmetic, and jewellery products. This high-end packaging is perfect for companies of any size. These long-lasting, fully personalised Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes stand out from the crowd and are sure to please any consumer.

All sectors have a high demand for these Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes due to their protective qualities, ease of construction, display potential, biodegradability, and adaptability to a wide variety of styles and decorative elements.

The Custom Printed Rigid Boxes Offer a Wide Selection of Enticing and Eye-Catching Designs.

SirePrinting offers the largest catalogue of unending layout options. We provide you complete creative control over the design of your own unique box packing. The shape of your Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes can be anything from rectangular to square to circular to oval to even flowery, depending on the aesthetic appeal of your product.

They come in any size box you need, from mini to mega. There are two primary components to these containers: the lid and the base. Firstly, the bases of these containers can be viewed through either a “Full Telescope” or “Partial Telescope” lid.

The most popular and sought after rigid packaging options are tray and sleeve styles. There are a number of different rigid box configurations, including those with lids like a shoebox, slipcases, drawer types, neck boxes, and shoulder boxes. Both the neck box and the shoulder box styles have their own individual characteristics. A glued tray is housed inside the base, rising beyond the level of the base itself.

Following that, the Flip Top or Cigar Box Style is the most prominent. Don’t be fooled by the moniker; the flip-top design is versatile in its own right. An attractive retail display for your items is as easy as ordering Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes in a variety of forms and styles.

We have a talented staff of graphic designers on hand to help you out if you don’t know a thing about the design and style that would work best for the customisation. There is no barrier to communicating your wildest dreams and imaginations. They will help you bring your fantastical vision to life by giving you a 3D mock-up design.

Packaging Products Safely and Securely with Wholesale Rigid Boxes

This material’s strength, resilience, and longevity ensure that your goods are well-protected from environmental hazards and human error.

When it comes to environmental issues, Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes is there to help spread the word about the benefits of using biodegradable packaging. To alleviate some of the pollution-related strain on our world, it’s preferable to use Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes that can be recycled or reused.

Instead of piling on more pollutants to an already overburdened planet, biodegradable materials break down rapidly. Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes can be produced in a SirePrinting factory with no noxious runoff into the environment.

These containers are less cumbersome, more adaptable, and simpler to move around. To ensure 100% client satisfaction, we use only high-quality construction materials and adapt to your specific needs. Without sacrificing any of the box’s integrity, you can have your pick of our whole inventory at a price that won’t break the bank. When we hear that a client is happy with the work we’ve done for them, it makes everyone on the team happy.

Attractive, cutting-edge printing techniques will set you apart.

Luxury It’s not common to print directly on rigid boxes. The paper sheet used to adorn these boxes can range from luxurious morocco and linen to simple tissue paper and other materials, as needed for the packaging of the object within. The printed material functions as a form of advertising for your goods.

Your company’s name, slogan, expiration date, and other product details can all be imprinted through SirePrinting. High-quality, long-lasting ink is used for the imprinting of our rigid boxes.

The brand’s logo, accompanying artwork, and imagery could help establish a positive reputation for the company in the eyes of consumers. It’s crucial to use a colour scheme that works. We use offsets and digital printing methods to give your rigid boxes a captivating appearance.

Incredible Enhancement Options

Extras can be added to your Rigid Boxes as a finishing touch to the customization process. SirePrinting gives you dependable coating and finishing choices.

Shiny and matte laminations are available for your Rigid Box with Magnetic Closing Lid. Glossy lamination is used for the box, and matte and soft-touch lamination are also available. As an optional extra, lamination can be applied to rigid boxes depending on price range and product type.

Add window die-cuts, inserts, and embossing/debossing to the bespoke rigid box to further pique the interest of your target audience. The custom inserts in these boxes add a layer of support and protection during shipping and transport. Ribbons and holders can be used as embellishments to make things more comfortable to handle. If our clients are content, we’ve done our job.

Reasons to Pick Us:

Because of their dedication to quality, SirePrinting has become an industry leader. If you need any help with box packaging or printing, we’re available for you. Professional graphic designers and the processing crew help with the customization procedure. Your rigid boxes are made from the best packaging material available.

Paper box printing company customer service agent will absolutely captivate you. Our support staff is here for you at all hours of the night and day to answer any questions you may have. Save money on custom packaging while taking advantage of our lightning-fast turnaround and free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United States and Canada.

SirePrinting provides an excellent experience and excellent customer service, so place your orders with them today. Take advantage of these limited-time discounts immediately! If you want the best, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you want the best, don’t hesitate to contact us. Get in touch with us at support@sireprinting.com or (410) 834-9965 for any additional information you may require.



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