Which Things Make A School A Top Notch Level?

Which Things Make A School A Top Notch Level?

Education is one of India’s fastest-growing sectors, leading to a substantial competitive crisis. Schools compete to be the best to attract parents’ attention. Still, one cannot build a top not 7 school overnight, a perfect mixture of several factors like quality leadership, longstanding and satisfied students and staff.

Here we are presenting you with seven elements that not only top schools in Ahmedabad but schools worldwide swear by.

Goals and Vision

The strength lies in the core values of the organization. Do check out the section of the top schools; they share some common characteristics like the role of community development, team spirit and a less- hierarchical structure in terms of power division. Of course, hierarchy is necessary to keep things organised, but they emphasize equitable treatment for all regardless of any little ground.

Satisfied Staff

Successful schools are not just efficient in attracting the best students with excellent holistic performance, but they are also excellent in keeping the best workforce. They treat their staff well in monetary and non-quantifiable terms, be it social security or flexible working hours; the school policy takes care of the faculty’s needs and wants. Satisfied faculty always shows more accountability towards the overall vision and development of the institution. They thus also show the most little employee turnover.

Respect for Diversity

Gone are the days when there’s a stark distinction between ‘Elite schools’ and local schools. Present-day, the top schools do take into consideration how to accumulate diversity in their institutions. Social and economic diversity is ensured by making the school inclusive for students from different strata, and various scholarship and financial aid programmes are being adopted.

Alumni and Legacy

The real legacy in the education sector is their alumni (passed out students doing great in their respective fields). Alumni are the direct reflection of an educational institution’s values, ideology and underlying principles. They form a professional network of communications and collaboration for the school, which consequently helps the students in the long run. They also built the basis of authority any school would need for a higher brand value in the education sector.

Students’ Performance

The real test of the effectiveness of any top CBSE school lies in the students’ overall performance. And not just academic top schools do keep a check on extracurricular activities and emphasise both creative and analytical skills. They ensure a customised learning experience while taking care of child’s needs in and outside the classroom.

Regular testing of students’ performance and encouragement of skill-based learning is a ritual. Even programs like teacher training and professional upskilling are promoted.

Effective Administration

An effective and efficient administration is the bone of financial personnel and strategic management. It all starts from quality leadership at all levels- principal, senior executives, teaching and non-teaching staff.

Positive Environment and School Culture

The catch is enhancing productivity through positive reinforcement and self-help, which teaches discipline to students early. Gradually, top CBSE schools are also founding career- counselling and anti-ragging cells for social support. The adaptive culture promotes emotional, instrumental, informational and appraisal-based social support.


Given the fact that it takes decades to build a strong foundation, you can identify the top-notch school by the level of perseverance and high accountability they show towards minute details. Make sure you do proper research before selecting a school, for it plays a massive role in shaping a child’s behavioural development. We hope you’ll find the best school with the help of the above guide; though what defines a top-notch level varies from person to person, the benchmark of success is student’s performance.


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