Where to Find the Best Vinyl Records UK

Where to Find the Best Vinyl Records UK

Vinyl records have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and the UK is no exception. In addition, with a thriving record-collecting scene, there are many places to find the best vinyl records UK

Moreover, we will explore some of the best places to find vinyl records UK.

Independent Record Stores

Independent record stores are the backbone of the UK’s record-collecting scene, and there are many excellent stores nationwide. Now, these stores offer a unique and personal shopping experience and carefully curated selections of new and used vinyl records. Some notable independent record stores in the UK include Rough Trade, Sister Ray, and Piccadilly Records.

Record Fairs

Record fairs are a great place to find rare and unusual vinyl records and meet other collectors and enthusiasts. Also, these events are held regularly throughout the UK, with vendors selling records across various genres and formats. Nevertheless, some of the UK’s biggest and best record fairs include the London Record Fair, Glasgow Record Fair, and Bristol Record Fair.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like eBay and Discogs are excellent resources for finding vinyl records. These platforms offer vast forms, including rare and hard-to-find releases. Additionally, they also provide a convenient way to buy and sell records, with many sellers offering competitive prices and fast shipping.

Charity Shops

Charity shops are an unexpected but often fruitful source of vinyl records UK. Also, many people donate their old records to charity shops. It is not uncommon to find hidden gems among the stacks of records. Additionally, the prices at charity shops are often very affordable, making them an excellent option for collectors on a budget.

Record Labels and Artists’ Websites

Record labels and artists’ websites are excellent sources of new vinyl releases and limited editions. Thus, many labels and artists offer vinyl records directly from their websites, often with unique packaging or artwork. In addition, this can be a great way to support independent artists and labels while adding new records to your collection.


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