Where is Guzmán Loera’s fortune? “He is running around the world,”

Where is Guzmán Loera’s fortune? “He is running around the world,”

Where is Guzmán Loera’s fortune? “He is running around the world,”

So, where is Guzmán Loera’s fortune? “He is running around the world,” analyst José Reveles, author of the book “El Chapo. Surrender and betrayal,” tells BBC Mundo.

With his economic capacity,

he created a complex financial structure to hide his profits, without counting on Guzmán Loera’s own operational ability.

“He is a businessman who makes decisions with the help of advisers and under specific conditions,” he says.

“The Cartel is a company that has the luxury of moving money anywhere in the world.”

The United States Department of the Treasury, for example, has pointed out agricultural companies, pharmacies,

shops, and exchange centers linked to family and friends of the capo.

businesses are located

The businesses are located in states such as Sinaloa, Chihuahua, Durango, Guerrero, Quintana Roo, and Mexico City, among other places.

But not all profits from drug sales stay in the country, says the public report

“First National Assessment of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risks in Mexico.”

“It is inaccurate to assume that the income received by organizations dedicated to drug trafficking is,

in its entirety, introduced into the Mexican financial system or the country’s economy,” indicates the document from the Mexican authorities.

“There are various techniques to launder resources and transfer funds to other countries. Most organizations survive due to their adaptability, financial structure, and protection network,”

indicates the study carried out in 2016 by the Secretaries of Finance and the Interior, the PGR, the Bank of Mexico, and the Judiciary.
this was the first hearing of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán before a New York court

on the money track

Part of the problem is that in Mexico the way in which the financial structures of organized crime operate has not been fully documented, Angélica Ortiz, a specialist in money laundering, tells BBC Mundo.

One way to know it is to study the resolutions of the judges in the cases of this crime.

“In order to know in Mexico how the organization of ‘El Chapo’ and also others laundered the money,

“It is necessary that the authorities really give themselves the task of reviewing their

and that is why it is difficult to discover the financial networks of the cartels.

Something that the prosecutor Raúl Cervantes recognizes. For several decades, investigations focused on capturing or killing leaders of organizations.

“We had done it face-to-face, frontal combat.

According to the United States drug enforcement agency,

the DEA, the Mexican drug cartels make profits of about $30 billion each year.


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