What to Expect from the Faculties at KRMWS?

What to Expect from the Faculties at KRMWS?

At KRMWS Faridabad, our main aim is to provide the best form of education to our students. We make learning more comprehensive and easier to grasp for the tender minds to fetch them closer to the process of learning.

Exceptional faculty support

At KRMWS Faridabad, the teachers help the students not only to learn the lessons but to grow in a competitive environment that aids them in becoming more competent. The highly professional and educated pool of teachers shows full faith in the individual expertise of every child and treats them in such a way to emphasize their traits and talents. This individualistic approach helps the students to gain confidence in their innate skills and enables them to perform flawlessly

Extra-Curricular activities

Apart from the academic curriculum, extracurricular activities are also included within the school hours that act as a refreshment from the monotony of studies for the children. The individual talents of every child also get a boost during these extracurricular classes. Besides enjoying, the children also tend to learn a lot through the activities.

Interactive sessions

Group discussions, debates, quizzing, elocution, and many such activities are actively and regularly promoted at the K.R Mangalam World School. We believe that in today’s world, mere academic knowledge is not enough to shine brightly. For excellence, it is also imperative that students are holistically groomed in various dimensions. We at KRMWS take care of all these requisites that the students need during the learning days. We have incorporated our curriculum with interactive learning processes that lend the students in-depth clarity on each of the topics and let the students gain a lot of public speaking confidence as well.

State-of-the-art classrooms with innovative class facility

The classes at KRMWS Faridabad are equipped with smart equipment and the latest technological aid to impart quality education to the students. The smart boards used in the classes help introduce the students to an upgraded form of technology at an early age that helps them to get familiar with the rapidly advancing world around them. Smart boards and laptops are used in association with each other to make the entire process of learning more appealing to the students. We at KRMWS understand that young minds are more prone to accepting audio-visuals rather than mundane teaching methods. The use of smart boards enables the teachers to illustrate a topic in ways that help in drawing the attention of every student.

The progressive pedagogy, upgraded techniques, a sprawling campus, and a talented pool of teachers make K.R. Mangalam one of the best CBSE schools in Faridabad.

The school also has several labs to cater to a variety of needs from science labs to composite labs.

When it comes to sports the school is next to none as we facilitate every kind of sporting activity possible from a golf facility to cricket pitches as well skating and an exclusive yoga room.

The school also has high-quality child care that aims to keep learners safe and healthy. In addition, it helps learners develop skills they will need for success in school and their lives outside of School: Social, emotional, and communication skills.


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