What to Consider When Choosing International Primary Schools in Kuala Lumpur?

What to Consider When Choosing International Primary Schools in Kuala Lumpur?

Choosing a primary school for your preschoolers may quickly become stressful since it is such a significant decision. When making a choice, several variables and references must be considered. There are a few things to keep in mind while looking for the best foreign school for your child. Examples include the curriculum, the budget, the setting, the various activities, and so on. Especially if you are moving abroad, it will take some time to adjust to the new surroundings, differences in cultures, languages, and, of course, the people.


The following are principal elements to consider while choosing a university. Review each one, then decide which is most vital to you.




The school’s culture is highly significant. Form a few inquiries in your head, and be sure to get satisfactory answers to each of them: What is the school’s primary area of focus? Does it place a strong emphasis on academic achievement or strong support for athletics? You can discover the solution by reading the school’s mission and vision statements. What is the focus of the curriculum? What extracurricular activities does it provide its pupils with? Do there exist any annual or biennial excursions or events? If so, how do they operate? How many of these elements are significant to you should be the question that stands out above all others. Look it up in the critical statistics and choose the one that best suits your child’s needs.




The majority of Kuala Lumpur schools adhere to a set of curricula. Depending on the child’s preferences for sports, extracurricular activities, the arts, or studying a specific language or topic. These are some of the most critical determining elements that must be considered while analyzing a particular school’s curriculum. Various curricula, such as the CBSE, Cambridge, IB, and Montessori programs, are often created for pupils to aid in the development of a solid foundation throughout their vital school years.


It emphasizes language acquisition, arithmetic instruction, and planting the seeds of scientific curiosity in young people’s minds.




This makes your duty much easier because accreditation denotes that the institution meets requirements in academic and other areas. Additionally, this will guarantee that the curriculum adheres to a particular standard and that students have a fulfilling educational experience. Furthermore, the school will follow specific safety regulations.

Credit transfers between institutions are also permitted with accreditation. With this method, your child won’t have any problems or miss a school year when you move to a different nation.


Student fees


The institute you’re considering tuition costs for international students should also be considered. It will help if you plan your finances before choosing an international school because they are typically expensive. However, the education and development they provide are incomparable.

Given that tuition costs differ internationally and regionally, you may want to consider conducting an extensive study. Additionally, often check the school’s website for updates on additional fees, if any.




The location could be something you consider. However, being on time is essential for your child to succeed in school, not only because it is a requirement of attendance but also because it instills discipline and order. If a school satisfies the remainder of your evaluation requirements but is far from where you live, you can always pick it up. While the distance may be overcome, poor academic performance or child development cannot.


Admission Process


As soon as you know you’re moving overseas, begin applying as soon as possible to colleges. The application procedure takes time and is more prolonged for students from abroad. Most applications must be filed online, and some may stipulate that your child must demonstrate English language competency by a specific age through school reports or admission exams. If you receive the call, you have plenty of time to prepare as foreign student applications often start one academic year before the session; if you’re transferring, you can also be facilitated.


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