What Makes IB Different From Other Schools?

What Makes IB Different From Other Schools?

International Baccalaureate (IB) is a non-profit education organization. This international organization offers high-quality education through a worldwide community of authorized schools. IB education conforms to international standards. The organization aims to impart skills and knowledge to help students succeed in a rapidly globalizing world.

Today more and more schools are joining the IB educational network. So, what is it about IB schools that makes them so unique? Let’s explore the major factors that differentiate an IB school from other schools.


  • Research-Based Teaching Methods 

IB applies teaching methods based on the best educational practices around the world. The teaching methodologies focus on imparting education constructively, encouraging students to inquire, explore, and develop a love for learning. Among the distinct advantages of the teaching method followed by an IB school over a regular school are that they help build a healthy appetite for challenging assumptions and develop a lifelong quest for research-based learning.


  • Concept-Driven Curriculum

IB emphasizes a concept-driven school curriculum to educate budding minds and ensure internationally oriented education. Most schools follow a theoretical approach to learning and developing skills. But the schools offering IB programs follow an application-based approach.

The IB learning strategy stimulates the brain by developing an interest in practical learning. It helps students to understand the significance of the lessons or topics they are learning. The broad and balanced school curriculum offered by IB inspires students to develop analytical thinking skills and apply their knowledge to deal with real-life situations.


  • Learner-Centric Approach

When it comes to education, the approach of IB schools is learner-centric. It stands in contrast to the exam-centric approach of other boards. Students of an IB school do not experience the stress of exams; instead, their challenge exists in the quality of assignments, not quantity. IB offers an education that is not confined to classrooms.

Teachers at IB schools encourage students to follow their instincts. Students learn to make connections between the lessons taught inside the classrooms and the things happening outside the world. IB focuses on discovering and developing students’ potential through this approach and helps them become the best version of themselves.


  • Stimulating Environment for Holistic Development

Schools under IB offer a stimulating environment for holistic development. Two-way communication between students and teachers is an essential feature of IB classrooms that encourages students to share their opinions.

Students also acquire the skills of thinking independently, articulating thoughts, listening, and questioning to clear their doubts. It helps them gain confidence and excel in the art of communication. It is a hugely rewarding skill that can help students in their academic and personal journey in life. 


  • Academic Success

IB programs are recognized internationally. About 150 countries offer the IB Diploma. Scores of prestigious universities and colleges belonging to almost 90 countries recognize IB programs, such as Stanford, Yale, and Harvard.

Students completing their education from IB schools have a significantly better chance of enrolling at the top universities and colleges in India and abroad than students from other boards in the country. IB also encourages students to understand languages and become aware of different cultures. It prepares students for becoming global citizens.


Wrapping Up

International Baccalaureate offers programs that can redefine a student’s future. IB schools create opportunities for students to finish school with unmatched academic, social, and interpersonal skills.

The global perspective offered by IB enables students to become well-rounded learners with an enhanced understanding of various cultures, languages, and global issues and ideas. All these allow IB students to excel better than other students in the academic and professional worlds.


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