What Is The IGCSE And Is It The Right Choice For My Child?

What Is The IGCSE And Is It The Right Choice For My Child?

The need to give children global abilities and competencies has grown as a result of the modern world’s ever-expanding global mindset. Our attention is steadily shifting to developing “global citizens” at this time. As a result, selecting a school or a particular track in education has given way to the requirement of selecting the best board of education. Choosing the appropriate school board is becoming one of the top worries for parents. Every parent wants the greatest education possible for their kids. Because it is crucial in building the groundwork for a child’s development, picking the correct education board becomes even more crucial.

If the correct path of study is adopted, a child’s last years of school may also be the most satisfying because they are the most difficult and rewarding years of their education. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a secondary diploma that is rising in recognition. Although the curriculum is based on the British GCSE, changes have been made to make it more comprehensible, available to students worldwide, and achievable.


The British curriculum (GCSE) served as the foundation for the IGCSE, which was modified for a student body that was more globally aware. Assessments are primarily conducted through exams administered by the test board of the school’s choosing. Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment International Education are the two most well-known. 30 languages are among the more than 70 courses offered by the Cambridge exam board. The goal is to include students from as many different linguistic backgrounds as possible. They can now continue learning their native tongue as a result. The IGCSE offers Core and Extended curriculum papers in several topics, which caters to students with varying degrees of aptitude.


IGCSE is offered by the two boards Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment International. Although the examination format can differ, the content is essentially the same across both boards. For instance, Edexcel offers a single, three-hour geography test, whereas Cambridge offers four distinct papers. Which board the school chooses to employ is entirely up to them. Universities do not distinguish between the two boards, nor are they biassed in favour of or against either.


Globally Recognised

Due to the fact that international schools in Kerala typically choose the IGCSE programme, the students get access to a worldwide community. Students holding these credentials can study in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, and Singapore, among other nations. The IGCSE curriculum assessments are accepted and recognised by the majority of universities as a requirement for entrance. The IGCSE provides a basis for employment and permits for additional vocational study. IGCSE students would possess all the abilities that employers look for in prospective employees.

Focus On Performance, Not Scores

The IGCSE programme is nothing short of a blessing for the children as it provides them with a bold platform for communicating their understanding of many subjects. It promotes a practice of continual assessment for gauging students’ understanding, with an emphasis on giving good feedback. This assessment methodology aims to lessen children’s worry and anxiety related to their academic achievement. In this instance, the teacher and the student consistently collaborate on the areas that need improvement. IGCSE schools in Kerala adopt continuous evaluation to keep students engaged and self-assured by focusing on their development rather than just their grades.

Choice Of Subjects

The IGCSE board offers a wide range of subjects to students. Students are given the freedom to select their own courses and specialise in a subject that interests them. The freedom to choose a subject that interests them encourages kids to study hard and be passionate about it. This board is highly useful for making decisions based on one’s ability and scope because every student has distinct learning needs. The majority of the best schools in Thrissur that provide IGCSE have a variety of subject options for students.

Enquiry-Based Learning

The program’s ability to foster curiosity in each youngster is among its most remarkable features. The emphasis is on expressiveness, discovery, and real-life experiences. Youngsters are encouraged to find answers to their questions in order to get a deeper awareness of their communities and the wider world.


Another reason you should think about the IGCSE board for your child is the course’s adaptability. This educational system focuses more on enhancing the child’s intelligence and adaptability than on their capacity for memory. Some curricula are nothing more than a memory test for kids. An IGCSE course, however, deviates from the standard of maintaining a stereotype syllabus and includes many advanced topics and disciplines. These topics might fall under the categories of science, arts, business, or even another related area. This greatly increases your child’s receptivity to new ideas in society.


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