What is real estate tokenization

What is real estate tokenization

Real estate tokenization converts the value of real estate into a token stored on a blockchain, enabling digital ownership and transfer. These divisible tokens present a fractional share of an ownership stake in that real estate. This blog explores the emerging trend of real estate tokenization, its primary benefits, and its potential to revolutionize the real estate investment market.

Real estate tokens are the finite number of representative tokens used to distribute property ownership. At the same time, tokenization converts real estate assets into several virtual real estate tokens through various asset tokenization platforms. Further, selling these tokens on an online marketplace where the purchaser of a particular real estate token owns that portion of the asset.

As discussed above, every real estate token represents direct ownership of an asset. So, at the time of tokenization, these assets can be a share in a company owning real estate, a piece of real estate, or participation in a real estate investment fund or anything else. Hence, with the help of asset tokenization, property purchasers can do transactions digitally using real estate tokens instead of traditional paper documentation.

The motive behind tokenization is to secure real assets; that’s why it is also called security tokens. Securitizing an asset means dividing it into shares, as asset tokenization means splitting an asset into real estate tokens (shares), representing a particular share of the underlying asset with the help of several asset tokenization companies.

Types of Real Estate Tokenization

  • Commercial tokenization is the process of tokenizing the ownership of retail properties with legally-compliant protocols.
  • Residential tokenization is the process of tokenizing the fractional ownership of residential real estate for investors, asset owners, developers, and institutions.
  • Trophy Tokenization is the process of tokenizing real estate assets that are typically iconic buildings in prime locations with substantial real estate underpinnings.

Assuming that you understand the concept of real estate tokens and the process of asset tokenization, now let’s move on to cover why we should go for asset tokenization.

Benefits of asset tokenization

  • Lower barrier to entry: By facilitating investment in fractional portions of real property, real estate tokenization enables small-scale investor participation and lowers barriers to entry for retail investors. Asset tokenization can thus leverage lower minimums, and smaller investment amounts to benefit from the potential high returns available to traditional real estate investments – which typically require significantly more upfront capital.
  • Lower transactional costs: Through automated processes and a permanent, unchangeable digital ledger of the best providers of digital asset tokenization services, blockchain technology has the potential to streamline investment transactions and lower transaction costs. As a result, investment transactions are generally completed faster and at a lower price to the parties involved, facilitating higher returns for the investor. Asset tokenization also provides various other benefits, such as accurate capitalization table tracking, improved accessibility, and greater transparency for potential investors.
  • Ability to create liquidity: Real estate tokens are easily and securely transferable through blockchain technology by the best asset tokenization companies, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios, minimize risk and create liquidity in the real estate market. Conversely, issuers are provided access to a broader pool of investors.

Today, technology and trading corporations worldwide are learning and developing platforms to get into the asset tokenization sector. However, only a few of these fully functional platforms are now leading the race. One of them is the Yodaplus Asset Tokenization Platform. Yodaplus is a corporation that specializes in technology solutions.

The company was founded to satisfy the demand for scalable and secure solutions at the crossroads of technology, finance, and blockchain. This Asset Tokenization Platform supports the XinFin (XDC) Network. Yodaplus Asset Tokenization Platform includes all the features mentioned above, along with additional features like address whitelisting, Enterprise App Integration, custody wallet integration & many more.


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