What everyone must know about custom frozen food boxes?

What everyone must know about custom frozen food boxes?

Frozen food is one of the best ways to preserve food. In recent years the food industry has gained so much importance. And this is also because of frozen foods. All these frozen foods are safe to eat. But the most important thing is always the packaging. Custom frozen food boxes are in trend these days. 

As most of the time, frozen foods are shipped to different places. Thus you need to have such packaging which provides your brand with ease. Otherwise, the sole purpose of frozen food will not remain as it was purposed to be.

Custom printed frozen food boxes

Frozen food boxes have been used for a long time. And many companies are there working on it. But as you guys know packaging is the most crucial thing for any brand. Thus while packaging things up. You need to focus on packaging. 

Along with all these frozen food, packaging boxes are important for marketing. We all live in a global marketing village and everything needs marketing.

So, if you want your frozen wholesale boxes to stand out make them perfect. And for that try to use quality packaging. It will eventually help you to win more customers

Purpose of frozen food packaging boxes

The main purpose of having a suitable material for packaging frozen foods is to lock the flavors. If food loses its flavor taste, it will be a waste of money and time. Thus the first thing is to keep the food freshness alive.

Your packaging materials must keep food fresh while also being leakproof and long-lasting. They must also be wax resistant and able to withstand extreme temperature changes.

Why printing on custom frozen food boxes is important

The outstanding printing and add-on features. Give wholesale frozen food boxes their finishing touch.  You can differentiate your business from the competition thanks to these outstanding features. Advanced high-tech digital and offset printing techniques are mostly in use these days. Along with that, it’s crucial to choose the correct font,

Custom frozen food packaging boxes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. You can customize yet if you like it. By taking into account the custom boxes’ measurements. You may select food box sizes and forms that match the product requirements.  

The sizes and styles of packaging can differ from one product to another. Additionally, the custom-printed food boxes are eye-catching to customers. Safeguard the appetizing goods within thanks to their ideal packaging design. 

Materials for frozen food packaging boxes

Frozen food packaging materials range from 

  • petroleum-based products
  •  to plastic wraps. 
  •  quick frozen (IQF) polymers 
  •  cardboard
  •  Aluminum

Although some are more self-sustaining than others, they all have advantages.

  • Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) Paperboard
  • Poly-Coated Paperboard

  • Coated Natural Kraft (CNK) Paperboard

CNK paperboard is a tough material.  But adaptable substrate that is reaffirmed with a coating.  To protect frozen food from the wear and damage of the thawing process.

Kraft is softwood fiber. Which can provide outstanding strength and protection. Whether the product is frozen or not.

It has a surface layer made of hardwood fibers and a clay-based coating that is ideal for printing. The burnished, glossy surface of CNK is best suited for intricate graphic art. And decorative effects that will not be ignored due to extreme changes in temperature or condensation.

Biodegradable materials 

When compared to petroleum-based plastic wraps. Biodegradable protein alternative solutions, such as casein. these are far more powerful at keeping out oxygen as well as other contaminants. They are extracted and synthesized from biomass. Supplying brands with such a sustainable alternative that avoids landfill. Your frozen food wholesale boxes are fresher for longer, strengthening your brand as a sustainability leader.

Wrapping up 

So, for custom frozen food boxes whether your brand values sustainability. or prefers more traditional frozen food packaging. you’ll want to partner with a seasoned printing and packaging companion. They will ensure that you use the right combination of substances. That can withstand extreme temperature changes, evaporation, and a variety of storage conditions.


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