What day do I take the PCR test for travel?

What day do I take the PCR test for travel?

Regarding the PCR tests at home in Dubai, many people don’t understand what’s natural versus what is not. Covid-19 testing, especially PCR, is one of the most accessible, reliable, and accurate ways to check your health and fitness. It is a test that measures DNA fragments. When any physician wants to figure out what is happening in your body, the first thing they do is run the PCR test on you. But why go through all the trouble? Because covid-19 PCR test proves repeatedly to be helpful and quick!

If you want a PCR test for travel, you can get it 1 day before travel. You should get a Covid test if you have had close contact with an affected person for at least 5 days. Ensure your test result is negative and you remain without symptoms before traveling. Covid-19 has been a significant part of the discussion in everyone’s life since 2020. It concerns where to get an RT PCR in Dubai for travel or at home; it is not easy to understand how it works and choose the best test to identify Covid-19. How reliable is the PCR test? PCR test shows whether you are carrying the virus at a particular test and time that give a definitive answer as to whether you have ever had the disease.


Step 1: Collection of the sample

A health professional or expert medical staff member inserts a soft cotton swab at least three centimeters into your nasal cavities. It could be slightly uncomfortable but not hurt. After the sample collection, it will be sealed in a tube and sent to a laboratory.

Step 2: Extraction

An expert technician at the lab isolates the genetic material from your sample, including the virus, if you have become infected.

Step 3: Test results

The actual RT PCR test involves using chemicals, and a PCR machine called a thermal cycler to detect the virus. Moreover, if the virus is present in your sample, one of the chemicals used in the PCR covid testing produces a fluorescent light to signal a positive result. Furthermore, the RT PCR test is the most accurate tool for detecting the novel Coronavirus and is the gold standard for detecting the Coronavirus.

PCR Test in Dubai for Travel

Call Doctor provides RT-PCR testing services for tourists who need test results for traveling purposes. Their covid-19 test results are fully accredited for traveling, and the Ministry approves all labs of health.

Contact Call Doctor now to book your appointment, and their PCR team will visit your home or hotel room at a convenient time.

  • Hassle-free PCR test at your doorstep
  • Test sample collection from your doorstep anywhere in Dubai
  • Quick and fully accredited results for travel
  • The UAE (United Arab Emirates) Ministry approves our labs of health

RT PCR Test at Home in Dubai 

 Why do you want to visit the hospital and stand in the queue when you can get your RT PCR test in the comfort of your home? Call doctor is providing an RT PCR testing service for travel in Dubai to keep you safe in this post-pandemic as they did during the pandemic.

Give them a call, and their DHA (Dubai Health Authority) licensed nurses will come to your doorstep or at the airport to collect your nasal swab PCR test at your convenience. The turnaround time of the covid test is quick, and You will get your same-day RT PCR test result through your email and text on your mobile number within 12-16 hrs.

The health and safety of covid-19 are the utmost priority. Call Doctor professional, and qualified team of doctors & nurses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi follow the guidelines with the healthcare authority’s protocols to minimize the risks of infection contamination. They provide coronavirus tests across Dubai with high-quality laboratory services; if any individual shows COVID-19 symptoms and wants to take an RT PCR test at home in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, contact Call Doctor.


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