What Are The Options for Electric Cycles in India?

What Are The Options for Electric Cycles in India?

Electric cycles in India have become the next big thing for commuters, who wish to cut down on the sky-rocketing fuel costs and also make the environment pollution-free. In addition to that, Indians are rapidly switching to e-cycles, as they provide a remarkable form of workout at much less effort, which the traditional bicycles simply couldn’t.

But the question that you may be asking right now would be: what type of e-cycles are available to you in India, right? So let’s take a tour of the variety of options available to you.

Best E-Cycle Options in India


When searching for the best electric cycle in India, URBN e-Bike can prove to be a fantastic candidate. It comprises state-of-the-art components, with a gargantuan travel range of 120km when fully charged. Moreover, it can reach an impressive speed of 25kmph, making it one of the best electric cycles in India for commuting to work.

  • ICE

The HUM is an immensely attractive e-cycle for youngsters which wish to experience joyrides. It possesses a metal frame, making it extremely durable. Moreover, it has a lightning fast acceleration of 0-25kmph in 9 seconds! If you are the adventurous type, then this e-cycle is for you!

  • HUM

The HUM is a trendy name in the world of e-cycles today. It is one of the most stylish electric bike that comes with a spectacular rated capacity that’s greater than 120kg. It comprises a steel frame that can give any e-bike a run for its money!

  • KIVO

The Motovolt HUM is a vibrant e-cycle with a sleek design and an admirable net weight of only 23.5kg! Despite being so sleek and lightweight, this marvelous electric cycle can travel up to a tremendous distance of 70km!


When you think of one of the best electric cycles in India, HERO LECTRO KENZA SINGLE SPEED is a fine option. It arrives onto the scene with a pedal and a throttle mode that lets you ride up to 30km! It drives easily using an impressive rear hub motor that allows you to relish your journey at the topmost speed.


This e-cycle comprises a foldable as well as an adjustable design and so, you can place it effortlessly at the back of your car. Moreover, its lithium-ion battery provides three types of systems to match your style of riding. It possesses a carbon steel frame along with aluminum alloy wheels for a long-lasting design!


This efficient e-cycle in India has 21 fire shifters that let you effortlessly shift between 21 speeds for an exhilarating travelling experience. Furthermore, it consists of dual suspension that can easily move through traffic, slopes and uneven paths. Its highly comfy spring seats provide you with a luxurious riding experience!

If you desire the best electric cycle in India, then your wait ends at Motovolt.co. So grab the best e-cycle before anyone else does!


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