VMware 5V0-21.21 Practice Guide & Latest Braindumps 5V0-21.21 Ppt

VMware 5V0-21.21 Practice Guide & Latest Braindumps 5V0-21.21 Ppt

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VMware 5V0-21.21 certification exam is designed for IT professionals who are looking to validate their expertise in VMware’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) technology. VMware HCI Master Specialist certification exam is intended for individuals with advanced knowledge of VMware vSphere and vSAN technologies, who are responsible for designing, implementing, and managing HCI solutions in enterprise environments. The VMware HCI Master Specialist certification is a prestigious credential that demonstrates an individual’s expertise in the latest VMware technologies.

>> VMware 5V0-21.21 Practice Guide <<

Latest Braindumps 5V0-21.21 Ppt, Actual 5V0-21.21 Test Answers

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VMware HCI Master Specialist Sample Questions (Q21-Q26):

An administrator has been tasked with enabling encryption for existing virtual machines on a vSAN cluster.
Which three prerequisites must be satisfied before completing the task? (Choose three.)

  • A. Create an encryption storage policy
  • B. Enable that the virtual machines are powered on
  • C. Enable Data-In-Transit encryption first
  • D. Verify if a role with privilege “Cryptographic operations.Migrate” is assigned
  • E. Establish a trusted connection with the KMS
  • F. Verify if a role with privilege “Cryptographic operations.Encrypt new” is assigned

Answer: A,E,F

Because Before you can create encrypted virtual machines, you must create an encryption storage policy. You create the storage policy once, and assign it each time you encrypt a virtual machine or virtual disk. https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/7.0/com.vmware.vsphere.security.doc/GUID-7DE1ED8F-880B-421E-B27B-5AAA58454AFA.html

A customer has upgraded to vSAN 7, but there is still an existing legacy host which must be removed from the vSAN cluster.
Which three steps must an administrator take to successfully remove this host from the vSAN cluster? (Choose three.)

  • A. Delete the disk group(s) on the legacy host
  • B. Place the host in maintenance mode with Full Data migration
  • C. Place the host in maintenance mode with no data migration
  • D. Disconnect from vCenter Server
  • E. Place the host in maintenance mode with Ensure Accessibility
  • F. Remove from vSAN cluster

Answer: A,B,F

An administrator is tasked with migrating a VMware Horizon View environment that is currently running on an NFS Datastore to VMware vSAN.
Which Horizon configuration option will not be available when configuring vSAN in Horizon View?

  • A. Storage Tiers
  • B. Linked Clones
  • C. Instant Clones
  • D. Storage Profiles

Answer: A

An architect is working with an All-Flash vSAN configuration and will be using the Flash Caching Devices in vSAN.
Which requirement is specifically needed for these devices?

  • A. IOPS
  • B. Write endurance
  • C. Capacity
  • D. Read endurance

Answer: B

A customer is planning to migrate their physical Microsoft SQL Server clustered workloads to vSAN enabled vSphere clusters.
The following requirements must be met:
* Each MSSQL cluster is made up of 3 nodes
* Highest possible availability against node failures
* Some of the vSAN clusters will only consume storage
What should the architect recommend?

  • A. vSAN iSCSI Target Service
  • B. Stretched vSAN Cluster
  • C. vSAN Direct
  • D. vSAN File Services

Answer: A


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