Vendetta Curse of Ravens Cry Free Download

Vendetta Curse of Ravens Cry Free Download

Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry is a game with a very troubled history. Passed from one studio to the other, it was released prematurely without being tested properly. The bugs made the game difficult to play and easy to hate. Its complete disregard for the current political climate strengthened the negative reception it received from the press. The alleged shady practices of its publisher proved to be the last nail in the game’s coffin.

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That’s a pity, because I found Vendetta to be a fascinating RPG that does a lot of things well in spite of its many bugs and imperfections. The game offers an interesting and dark world to discover, good writing with lots of delicious vulgarity, ingenious quests, memorable battles, and a dynamic economy. Its character system might not be the greatest out there, but the ship management makes up for it.

Vendetta Curse of Ravens Cry Free Download

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In summary, Vendetta is an ambitious title that tries to provide the complete pirate experience without compromising or cutting corners. Its creators obviously poured much love into it, spending years fixing its problems after its release. I recommend that every RPG lover give the game a try and I sincerely hope you enjoy Christopher Raven’s adventures as much as I did. If you’re spooked by the bugs, keep in mind that the game is regularly on sale. For the $7 I paid for it, it’s basically a steal.

Vendetta Curse of Raven’s Cry Overview

Vendetta Curse of Ravens Cry is developed under the banner of Reality Pump Studios for Microsoft Windows. It is released on 20th November 2015 and TopWare Interactive published this game. You can also download Skyshines Bedlam.

Vendetta Curse of Ravens Cry PC Game is all about the darkest corners of Caribbean. Where an evil is rising again. In this game you see that it’s been years since the Murder of Christopher Raven’s family. His family gets murdered by Neville and his murderous gang, the Devil’s Tines. When Christopher is left orphan he is found by Marcus. Marcus heals him and takes care of him under his wing. Christopher is deeply filled with the hatred and he drowns his demons in rum and bloodshed. He is in pursuit of Revenge he wants over The Devil’s Tines. This group is vanished in a quake which has sunk half of the Port Royal. But there comes a string of murders and Christopher’s revenge chances are again bright. It’s an open world 3D game which has superb graphics and visual quality. You have to go for Hunt of your enemies and get your revenge. You may also like to download Blood Knights.

Features of Vendetta Curse of Ravens Cry

Following are the main features of Vendetta Curse of Ravens Cry that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

  • Its an amazing Action, RPG and indie game.
  • It has some serious storyline which revolves around an Orphan.
  • You will get to see extraordinary visuals.
  • There are many colorful characters waiting for you.
  • Upgrade your skill tree consistently in order to move forward in the game.
  • In this game every choice you make will affect the game.

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