vCard To CSV Converter To Export vCard/VCF Contacts To CSV

vCard To CSV Converter To Export vCard/VCF Contacts To CSV

CSV and vCard both are widely known formats to save contact details. But there are situations when you have to export VCF contacts data to CSV file format. There might file, you have to figure out the best & trusted solution to carry out the conversion.


In this post, we will offer you one such best and most effective way of exporting be several reasons for exporting vCard files into CSV file format, which we will discuss in this post. But once you have decided to export VCF contact items to a CSV, vCard files into CSV format.

Benefits of exporting VCF files to CSV File

There are lots of reasons why users find the need to export vCard contacts into CSV file format. The major ones are discussed below:

  • CSV file provides a better organization of large amounts of data
  • You can easily open CSV Files by text editors like Notepad
  • CSV files clearly distinguish between numeric values and text
  • The CSV is a plain text file, making it easy for website developers
  • Effective & Reliable Solution to  Export vCard Contacts data to CSV file

There is currently no manual technique that can do the needful conversion for you. But you don’t need to take stress as the automated way is there to help you in this  conversion.

Professional Solution To Convert VCF contacts into CSV

Download WholeClear vCard to CSV Converter, a smart & well-tested application to easily export vCard file all contacts into CSV file format. Without any hassles and data harm, vCard contacts with their attributes are flawlessly exported into CSV file format.

Here’s how this conversion can be performed with an automated tool:

  • In the beginning, properly start the software by installing it on your Windows system.
  • select vcf file
  • Now, use the given Browse button to add the required VCF files.

select vcf file

  • Check VCF file data in the preview panel.
  • Set the destination where you want to save the converted CSV file.

browse location

  • To give start the export procedure, press the Convert Now button.

With these 5 quick & easy steps, you will get all vCard contacts exported into CSV file format.

Prime & Highlighted features you will get with VCF to CSV Converter

Simple & Fast Export: This application comes with simple steps and a friendly interface. Hence, no confusion is faced by users in the conversion of vCard contact items into CSV file format.

Load VCF files in bulk: The facility to add multiple vCard files are provided by this application. Users can freely upload the VCF folder together to convert contacts into CSV file format without any inconvenience.

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Keep contact details intact: All contact attributes are preserved and well maintained throughout the migration task. The application will not misplace any contact  fields during the conversion process.

Live Preview of VCF file data: You can check out VCF file data items in the preview pane. This will help users to recheck all contact details prior to exporting them  into CSV files.

Complete safety of all contact details: All contact details of the VCF file are exactly exported into CSV file format with this professional tool. This can’t be done  so smoothly with other solutions.

Free demo for everyone: Free testing facility is available with this application. Users can check all features & working performance of the software with a free trial version by exporting the first 10 VCF files data into a CSV file.

No Support Required: To work with this automated program, you don’t need Outlook or other supported program installation to carry out the export task. You can simply download this toolkit & completes the conversion standalone.


Most users find this VCF contacts data export to CSV too annoying. If you also feel so then just have a look at the solution explained in this post. After this, you  will surely find this conversion task simpler. The discussed automated tool is full of excellent features which are advanced & complete this contacts export task in a  few simple clicks. Furthermore, it has a preview option and free demo facility that makes it amazing among other solutions. To clarify your doubts about this software,  use the free trial option before purchasing it.



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