Variety of Door Locks useful for Commercial and Residential Spaces

Variety of Door Locks useful for Commercial and Residential Spaces

Any security for residential or commercial places is incomplete without locking systems. Door locks available in the market are of different types. There are options with and without keys. The modern locking systems are, however, accompanied by a keyless mechanism making sure that people are free from the bondage of carrying keys everywhere; or else it becomes another hectic task on your daily task list.

Door locking systems are pre-installed during the time of building any setup. Therefore, the builder ensures to procure the lock from the OEM lock manufacturers. High-profile and well-equipped spaces utilize the lock systems made by the largest OEM door lock manufacturer

Locks are not only crucial for security but play a vital role in the architecture of space as well. The demand for modern architecture is advanced locking systems, such as rim locks and digital locks. The locks must be matched well with the interior of a place to ensure that they do not step out of the design theme. 

Factors that help in choosing the Locks 

Today, there is no limit to the options that are provided by the largest door lock manufacturer. The only thing is the functionality that is required by the specific space. The lock that would suit a specific space is decided on the parameters mentioned below. 

  • The functionality is the demand of any specific space. It could be residential or commercial. 
  • The kind of architecture and the interior that is applied to a commercial or a residential space. 
  • The vulnerability of any particular space. For example, the place is located somewhere where burglaries are common.

Types of Locks available in the Market 

There is a huge variety of locking systems available in the market to satiate the customers’ demands. The various kinds of locks that are useful in commercial as well as residential spaces are mentioned below. 

Rim Locks

A rim lock is a two-way mechanism for the door. It uses a main locking device on the main door. The rim is used on the keeper side of the door. The door has a latching mechanism that slides into the rim once the knob or key is moved. It is operated from two sides. The outer side demands a key while opening the door from the inside requires a knob that is fixed on the latch. Therefore, the security offered by rim lock is robust in nature. 

Cylindrical Knob Locks

They are stylish and super smooth in operation. The knob locks work on the same parameter that is of a rim lock. They are operated from both sides. The outer side would require a key to unlock the door. The person who operates the door from the inside would be doing the same thing with a small knob or push button incorporated into the lock frame. An add-on feature of the cylindrical knob lock is that one has to rotate the knob after unlocking it with a key. 

Mortise Locks 

Such a variety of locks cannot be incorporated on just any door. The door should have adequate space for fitting in the mortise. The mortise is the pocket that has to be incorporated into the door. One would not be able to lock the door if the mortise is not there. 

Digital Locks

The best way to make a keyless entry is a digital lock. They are gaining popularity due to this very aspect. Since people do not have to carry the keys around and they can manage with a passcode, digital locks have become a crucial aspect of modern architecture. 

Conclusive Remarks 

Locking systems, thus, are meant to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your household as well. Also, consideration of the level of security is also essential in selecting a locking set. 


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