ValidDumps Admission Tests GMAT Exam Real and Updated Dumps are Ready for Download

ValidDumps Admission Tests GMAT Exam Real and Updated Dumps are Ready for Download

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The Graduate Management Admission Test, better known as GMAT, is a standardized test designed to assess the skills of individuals who are planning to pursue a graduate degree in business administration. The test measures the analytical, quantitative, and verbal skills of test-takers. The GMAT is widely recognized and accepted by more than 7,000 graduate management programs worldwide.

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The Admission Tests GMAT certification exam is a valuable credential that often comes with certain personal and professional benefits. For many Admission Tests professionals, the GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test certification exam is not just a valuable way to boost their skills but also Graduate Management Admission Test certification exam gives them an edge in the job market or the corporate ladder. There are other several advantages that successful Admission Tests GMAT Exam candidates can gain after passing the Admission Tests GMAT exam.

Admission Tests Graduate Management Admission Test Sample Questions (Q152-Q157):

Although parapsychology is often considered a pseudoscience, it is in fact a genuine scientific enterprise, for it uses scientific methods such as controlled experiments and statistical tests of clearly stated hypotheses to examine the questions it raises.
The conclusion above is properly drawn if which of the following is assumed?

  • A. Any enterprise that does not use controlled experiments and statistical tests is not genuine science.
  • B. Since parapsychology uses scientific methods, it will produce credible results.
  • C. If a field of study can conclusively answer the questions it raises, then it is a genuine science.
  • D. Any field of study that employs scientific methods is a genuine scientific enterprise.
  • E. Since parapsychology raises clearly statable questions, they can be tested in controlled experiments.

Answer: E


Record companies defend their substitution of laser-read compact discs (CD’s) for the much less expensive traditional long-playing vinyl records in their catalogs by claiming that the audio market is ruled by consumer demand for ever-improved sound reproduction rather than by record manufacturers’ profit- motivated marketing decisions. But this claim cannot be true, because if it were true, then digital audiotape, which produces even better sound than CD’s, would be commercially available from these same record companies, but it is not.
Which of the following, if true, best explains how the record companies’ claim about the nature of the audio reproduction market could be true and digital audiotape nevertheless be unavailable for the commercial market?

  • A. Most consumers prefer audiotape to long-playing records or CD’s because of the tape’s durability and compactness.
  • B. The manufacturing technology that underlies the commercial production of CD’s requires equipment very similar to that needed for commercial production of digital audiotape.
  • C. Record companies have not yet solved several quality-control problems that have beset attempts to produce digital audiotape in commercial quantities.
  • D. Prototypes of digital audiotape have been used to make master tapes of some performances in recording studios.
  • E. CD’s are more expensive than long-playing vinyl records by about the same ratio as digital audiotape cassettes would be more expensive than conventional cassettes.

Answer: C


The most important issue relating to computer technology and the Internet is the right of individual privacy, this includes the privacy of our personal data and our actions in cyberspace.

  • A. Internet is an individual’s right to privacy. Including the privacy
  • B. Internet is the right of individual privacy, including the privacy
  • C. Internet is the right of individuals to have privacy, and included in this consideration is the privacy
  • D. Internet is the right of individual privacy, being the privacy
  • E. Internet is the right of individual privacy, this includes the privacy

Answer: B

Choice a is a run-on sentence and is therefore incorrect. Choice b uses being in an awkward and grammatically incorrect manner. Choice d is unnecessarily wordy, and choice e replaces the comma with a period and creates a sentence fragment.

At his high school, Marlon is the only member of the track team who is also a member of the tennis team. His weight of 68.5 kilograms is the median weight of the 9 members of the track team and is also the median weight of the 7 members of the tennis team. If the total weight of the members of both teams is 960 kilograms, then the median weight of the members of both teams is how many kilograms greater than the average (arithmetic mean) weight of the members of both teams?

  • A. 4.5
  • B. 12.5
  • C. 10.5
  • D. 6.5
  • E. 8.5

Answer: E

Since the invention of digital readout, machine designers have rushed to replace conventional dials and gauges with digital units. Yet the digital gauge has drawbacks in some situations. Since it presents an exact numeric value, it must be decoded and analyzed by a human operator; its meaning cannot be read in an instantaneous scanning. An analog dial or gauge can be marked with red to alert the operator when a value is entering a danger zone; a digital gauge cannot. And it is difficult to tell whether a digital readout is increasing or decreasing over time, while the up or down movement of a pointer on an analog gauge can be quickly and easily observed.
The author of the passage above would probably recommend the use of digital gauge in cases when
I. warning of a sudden rise or fall in value is needed
II. an operator must read and interpret several gauges within a few seconds III. a precise numeric value is essential

  • A. III only
  • B. II and III only
  • C. I only
  • D. I, II, and III
  • E. I and III only

Answer: A



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