Understanding the Restoration of the Painting in Naples, Florida

Understanding the Restoration of the Painting in Naples, Florida

For any art enthusiast looking at an old painting battling through the demons of time aches the heart. No matter how good a painting is or how properly it is kept, with time, its beauty starts to fade away. Painting conservators in Florida are the knights that protect and restore their beauty from the damage done with the passage of time.

Restoration of painting in Naples, Florida, might be an alienating term for many. However, it is one such medium through which a lot of historical paintings are still prevalent and viewed by art enthusiasts. With time the process of restoration of painting in Naples or anywhere else only gets better and better. Let us look at the various aspects related to the restoration of the painting.

What causes the damage to the painting?

As mentioned earlier, the passage of time plays a significant role in damaging a painting, but there are several other culprits that can lead to the damage. Some of them are,

  • External weather conditions such as UV radiation, Humidity, Fluctuations in temperature, etc.
  • Deposition of dust leads to contamination.
  • Yellowing
  • Improper handling leads to cracks and scratches.
  • Improper framing leads to wrinkles, cracks, or paint rubbings.
  • Other factors such as incorrect use of adhesive, heat effects, and improper cleaning with solvents.

What kind of materials are generally used for restoration?

Now once you are aware of what causes the damage, let’s look at some of the materials that are being used to fight against those causes. Typical materials that are used in the restoration of painting are,

  • Different types of varnish.
  • Wood supplements and gold lead, generally for the frames.
  • Waxes, glass fiber, and glues for fixing cracks and holes.
  • Colors to correct the color rub-offs.
  • Solvents to remove impurities.

What are the tools and techniques used for the restoration of painting?

Painting conservators in Florida first evaluate the painting that needs to be restored. They check its condition and then devise a plan for its restoration. Some of the common tools and techniques used for restoration are,

  • Brushing and Retouching
  • Use of spray or spray guns for applying varnish
  • Removal of the layers of dust with scalpels.
  • Carving iron and knife for processing on the wooden frame.
  • Tissue treatment with the help of needles and threads
  • Vacuum tables for smoothening the canvas.

Other than these, the restoration of painting is done with the accumulation of several other tools and techniques, each for its own specific purpose.


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