Unbelievable Facts About Your Range Rover

Unbelievable Facts About Your Range Rover

The Range Rover parts Sydney vehicle has been around since 1970, and over four decades, it’s become one of the most prestigious luxury SUV brands out there. However, even if you’re a Range Rover owner, you might not know some of these facts! Keep reading to learn more about your favorite SUV and see whether or not you’ve got everything you thought you did!

1) The original vehicle was built in 1948

The prototype of a Land Rover was produced in 1947 by Maurice Wilks, a director of Birmingham Small Arms Company.

In 1948, British military officials requested a light reconnaissance and raiding car for their efforts in Korea and worldwide. Thus, Maurice’s brother Spencer drew out plans for Land Rovers from Army-issued instructions.

2) It’s one of the most expensive vehicles on the market

The price of a new Range Rover can easily reach $100,000. The vehicle has been manufactured since 1948 and has sold nearly 3 million cars worldwide.

The original model was designed for Sir William Lyons, who founded Jaguar in 1922 and Land Rover in 1948.

He wanted to create a car that would be well-suited for rural driving as well as on rough terrain. The brand’s name came from combining Range with Dover, where it all began back in 1947.

3) Fewer than 5000 Range Rovers are sold each year

While Land Rover has over 4,000 dealerships worldwide, not all of them sell a huge selection of luxury vehicles like Range Rovers.

While there are thousands of models to choose from at every single dealership, they don’t usually carry more than a few dozen range rovers.

The demand simply isn’t there for these vehicles, so even if you buy one today, you may have difficulty finding one for sale in your local area as soon as you want another one.

4) The Land Rover Discovery and Defender were derived from it

The Land Rover was developed by a coalition of British engineering firms. Both Defender and Discovery are derived from it.

One obvious difference between these two is that while a Land Rover has 4-wheel drive, a Discovery doesn’t have 4-wheel drive (it only has 2-wheel drive). But there is another difference too – you won’t see much of a similarity between these two if you compare them.

5) The first-ever series production off-road vehicle

Land Rover Series I (1946) was built in Solihull, England. It has since gone on to become one of the most popular and recognizable luxury SUVs in history.

Other facts you may not know about your Range Rover: Land Rover was originally going to be named Land Rover but during initial testing, engineers found that a vehicle designed for rugged terrain can just as easily drive through water.

6) Owners include royalty, celebrities, sports stars, and millionaires

Several Royal families in Europe have purchased Land Rovers, including King Juan Carlos I of Spain and Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Queen Elizabeth II’s range rover is on display at London’s Science Museum, along with a special-edition Range Rover to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee.

Other celebs who are known fans include James Bond actor Roger Moore and actress Jodie Foster. If you’re rich and famous, chances are you probably own a range rover already!

7) Its parent company is Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover is a British multinational car manufacturer with its headquarters in Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom. Its parent company is Tata Motors.

The modern-day Jaguar Cars have been a subsidiary of Tata Motors since 2008. Both Jaguar and Land Rover were subsidiaries of what was originally known as the British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC).

Founded as SS Cars Ltd in 1922 by Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley as a holding company to bring together their various automotive businesses under one banner.


Range Rover Parts has been serving the automotive industry since 1970 and today the 2017 model has made some huge improvements over previous years, with plenty more to come in the future. There are so many facts you probably didn’t know about your Range Rover that we had to break it down into seven different lists! These are some of the facts you didn’t know about your Range Rover.



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