Triplex Paper

Triplex Paper

Ganapathy is the best in the world when it comes to materials that protect and insulate “the electrical” and “the digital” industries.

Printed electronics products; wire enamels; resins and varnishes; specialty industrial coverings; casting and potting resins; and digital safety supplies are versatile The Ganapathy Group offers a variety of tools and composite materials, including Electrical Insulation Materials.

Materials for Electrical Insulation

Ganapathy Companies, which also exports these products, provides electrical insulating materials to the electro-electronic industries.Condensers, household appliances, automobiles, mills, computers, circuit panels, and other high-performance digital equipment use various electrical insulating materials to conserve resources and energy.Almost every electrical system makes use of electrical insulators. In addition to the voltage time, an isolator’s resistiveness affects the substance’s purity and floor condition.

The insulation material is great for insulating because it can stand up to high temperatures, voltage shocks, and unwanted particles.Moreover, it possesses a high dielectric energy and is mechanically resistant. We offer several solutions for electrical motors, transformers, and wire isolation in our inventory of isolation kits.

Internally produced and tested digital insulation materials include dielectric breakdown voltage, dielectric energy, dissipation problems, and other physical properties. The electrical insulating sheets have outstanding dielectric properties. These films provide a composite with a range of thermal, mechanical, and electrical characteristics when combined with insulating Aramid paper manufacturers.

The absolute finest in electrical engineering is Ganapathy!

In order to achieve every business and household aim, Ganapathy Industries is the top provider of electrical insulation materials. We are the primary wholesalers, distributors, and suppliers of electrical products to both businesses and individual consumers in India. Our online store aims to close the gap between customers and salespeople by giving you the highest-quality, guaranteed devices. Any customer or buyer may easily make an order any time, day or night, seven days a week, and promptly have full access to the goods. Also, Ganapathy offers a comprehensive price list and catalogue for each product, including all characteristics and specifications.

Ganapathy Industries has made a name for itself as the top provider of “electrical” insulating supplies, the well-known provider of “electrical” insulation, and a significant supplier to many important organizations throughout the country and across the globe through continual research and expansion.


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