Tourist attractions in Alimathaa Island

Tourist attractions in Alimathaa Island

Alimatha Island is one of the well-renowned holiday destinations in the Maldives and is frequented by hundreds of travelers every month. The island is nestled in the Vaavu Atoll, roughly forty miles north of the Hulhule international airport. It is a beautiful island comprising a sprinkle of greenery, golden-white sand, and the ethereal beauty of the ocean. The tourist attractions spots in Alimathaa Island provide a solitary experience away from the flurry of activity of the world. Thus, one can observe that some famous resorts of Alimathaa do not offer telephone and television facilities in guest rooms. But you will find all sorts of entertainment on the island such as cat sailing, watersports corners with windsurfing, Ayurvedic massage centers, animation, bars, and music. The island also houses several majestic scuba diving sites such as Miyaru Kandu. In addition, Myraru Kandu earned its place in the list of government-sanctioned protected sites. 

Let us delve deeper to explore some best tourist places to visit in Alimathaa Island

  • Miyaru Kandu

It is one of the prominent diving spots close to Alimathaa village in Felidhoo Atoll. Also, this place is frequented by big pelagic fish. The name Miyaru means shark in the local Dhihevi language. The shores of Miyaru Kandu experience frequent currents that enrich marine life and seem fascinating. You can expect giant fishes instead of incredibly colorful corals. The corner of the pass is the best spot for big pelagic fish like eagle rays, dogtooth tuna, and sharks. When you look into the blue ocean, you can see various types of sharks, from the rare hammerhead sharks to the most common grey reef sharks. 

  • Fotteyo Kandu 

Fotteyo is among the excellent tourist attractions spots in Alimathaa Island and the Maldives itself. Also, the site is called the Mecca of all the scuba diving sites in Vaavu Atoll. Fotteyo Kandu derives its name from the channel linking the ocean to the untraversed island called Fotteyo. It is also the extreme eastern part of the island nation Maldives. This is also a reason for the region being untouched and undiscovered. Veteran divers have noted that the hammerheads are always spotted at sunrise and in 30m deep water making this dive site unsuitable for rookie and intermediate divers.

Inside the channel, you can feast your eyes on the beautiful caves filled with brightly colored soft corals. Adjacent to beautiful corals arrive schools of fish. Trevallies, tuna, Maldivian anemones, blue surgeons, triggerfish, barracudas, and the list goes on!

  • Golden wall

Golden Wall derives its name from the surreal soft coral life observed in this channel between 10m and 30m. Usually, tourists anchor in on the ocean side of the reef and enjoy watching the sharks pass through. Although we can’t see whale sharks, tourists can spot mass schools of grey reef sharks, silver tips, white tips, and black tips.


Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts are catered to by some of the best places to visit in Almanthaa Island. Further, the island houses excellent luxurious accommodations situated in various atolls in the Maldives. In other words, it is a tropical haven to relax with all the contemporary amenities.


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