TorrentExam Salesforce CRT-211 Exam Study Material: Your Ultimate Guide

TorrentExam Salesforce CRT-211 Exam Study Material: Your Ultimate Guide

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When you see other people in different industry who feel relaxed with high salary, do you want to try another field? And is the difficulty of learning a new piece of knowledge often deterring you? It doesn’t matter, now CRT-211 practice exam offers you a great opportunity to enter a new industry. Our CRT-211 learning material was compiled from the wisdom and sweat of many industry experts. And it is easy to learn and understand our CRT-211 exam questions.

Salesforce CRT-211 Certification Exam is designed for advanced administrators who want to prove their skills and knowledge in managing and configuring Salesforce. This certification is a significant step for administrators who want to advance their career in Salesforce. The exam measures the candidate’s ability to administer and configure advanced Salesforce features, including security and automation.

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The second format of Salesforce CRT-211 exam preparation material is the web-based CRT-211 Certification Preparation for Advanced Administrator practice test. It is useful for the ones who prefer to study online. TorrentExam have made this format so that users don’t face the hassles of installing software while preparing for the CRT-211 Certification Preparation for Advanced Administrator certification. The customizable feature of this format allows you to adjust the settings of CRT-211 Certification Preparation for Advanced Administrator practice exams.

The CRT-211 exam is designed to test the knowledge and skills of advanced Salesforce administrators who have already earned the Certified Administrator credential. It covers a wide range of topics, including data management, security, automation, and analytics, and requires a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and how it can be customized to meet the needs of different businesses and industries. Passing the CRT-211 exam is a key step towards becoming a Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator.

The CRT-211 exam is a comprehensive assessment of an administrator’s advanced knowledge of Salesforce. It is intended for those who have already earned the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification and have at least two years of experience working with the platform. The exam covers a range of topics, including advanced security and access, data management, analytics, automation, and collaboration. Passing the CRT-211 exam demonstrates that an administrator has the expertise to manage complex Salesforce environments.

Salesforce Certification Preparation for Advanced Administrator Sample Questions (Q86-Q91):

Which statement is true about change sets? Choose 3 answers

  • A. To use change sets, at least one inbound and one outbound connection must exist
  • B. When custom fields are added to change set, field-level security is automatically included
  • C. When a change set is deployed to production, all Apex tests will automatically be run
  • D. There is a feature that allows the user to validate a change set before deploying it
  • E. When a component is added to a change set, as dependent components will get added

Answer: A,C,D

The VP of finance noticed incomplete information on the record that indicates if the borrower was approved or offered an alternate product. This information is collected mid-way through the sales cycle in a picklist.
How should the administrator ensure this Add is completed prior to dosing the opportunity?

  • A. Make the field required on the page layout.
  • B. Make the field required in field-level security.
  • C. Create a validation rule,
  • D. Create a workflow rule.

Answer: C

An Admin needs to create a validation rule when Amount is greater than or equal to $50000 and the custom field should not be blank. Custom field is a picklist. Choose 2

  • A. Amount >50000 && (Picklist field) = ” “
  • B. Amount >50000 && ISPICKVAL(Picklist field, ” “)
  • C. Amount >50000 && TEXT(Picklist field) = ” “
  • D. Amount >50000 && ISBLANK(Picklist field)

Answer: B,C

An administrator needs to create a junction object called Account Region to link the standard Account object with a custom object called Region.
Once the junction object is created, what are the next two steps the administrator should take?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Create a master-detail relationship field on the Account object to the junction object.
  • B. Configure a master-detail relationship field on the junction object to the Account object.
  • C. Make a master-detail relationship field on the junction object to the Region object.
  • D. Build a master-detail relationship field on the Region object to the junction object.

Answer: B,C

System admin – wants to make sure that when opportunity is close – nobody can modify it.

  • A. Give read only permission on close opportunity
  • B. Select DONT CLOSE Opportunity checkbox from Opportunity Setting
  • C. Change owd setting read / write
  • D. Validation rule with priorvalue(isclosed) = true
  • E. Create workflow (isclosed) is true – if customer modifies it

Answer: D


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