Top 5 Free Online Games From NFT Games

Top 5 Free Online Games From NFT Games

If you’ve been looking for some new free online games, try Alien Worlds, Battle Racers, Crypto Mines, and Spider Tanks. All these games are free-to-play and incorporate elements of card trading and NFT. In each game, you collect cards through purchases from other players and PVP matchups. The winner is determined by the quality of the cards and gaming skill. While card trading games can be challenging, Gods Unchained emphasizes strategy and features ranked game mode.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a decentralized blockchain game with a global community. The game’s recent launch on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain offers players the chance to send their virtual spaceships on missions in order to earn NFTs. This digital currency is exchangeable in the game’s store for in-game items, and is the first cryptocurrency to support gaming communities. However, the game’s developers are making major efforts to ensure that players enjoy a positive experience with their tokens.

The game’s ecosystem contains many different NFTs. Each card in Alien Worlds has a description describing the qualities of the NFT. Shined-up NFTs are more powerful and give better gameplay stats. However, Land NFTs are not able to be shined. Once you’ve completed all of these steps, you can proceed to mining. To get started in the Alien Worlds ecosystem, you need to create a WAX account.

In Alien Worlds, you can mine and sell WAX to other players. Each NFT has a unique property that makes it useful for fighting other players and earning TLM. Soon, the game will introduce these unique tokens fully. Mining tools are another way to obtain NFTs in Alien Worlds. Depending on the type of tools you use, your chances of mining will vary. You can sell your WAX tokens and other items on the Atomic Hub.

While you can earn cash in Alien Worlds by mining, it’s important to note that there are only three ways to earn Trilium in the game. The easiest way is to stake TLM on planets. This allows you to support planet DAOs in return for valuable rewards. Another method is to sell items that you’ve mined and have previously purchased. Depending on your skill level, you can easily make a few thousand dollars a month in this way.


Whether you are into HODLing parts for a year, or racing your cars to their maximum potential, Warhammer from NFT Games is sure to please. This game offers a fun and interactive way to interact with people from around the world. The best part is that it’s free when it’s open to the public. However, if you’re looking to monetize your Warhammer account, you’ll want to know what you can expect before you buy in.

Warhammer is a game where you collect tokens and erect virtual cars to compete against opponents. The game takes place in a virtual garage in Decentraland. To complete a car, you must tokenize its components in order to create a digital asset. If you don’t have the funds to purchase a car, you can borrow one from Decentraland. Once you’ve collected enough tokens, you can buy new car parts and upgrade your car.

Besides the classic arcade game format, Warhammer from NFT Games offers a multiplayer option as well. You can compete with your friends on the same computer in races that last two minutes. Similar to League of Kingdoms and Skyweaver, Warhammer offers a multiplayer mode where you can play with many friends at once. The game is based on a theme of rivalry between two rivals, racing to a common goal. Each racer has equal obstacles and must be careful not to get hit by their opponent. The last player to finish can be eliminated, so the more skillful you are the more likely you are to win.

After the game’s shutdown, Warhammer is set to return to the market in the near future. As a play-to-earn game, Warhammer offered many unique advantages. Players could build model cars, earn money, and earn rewards for racing. However, the developer has yet to release its game on any decentralized exchange. The company may even seek advice from WWE star John Cena to ensure that it won’t end up like Warhammer.

Pummel Party

If you are looking for a browser-based crypto game, you’ve probably heard of NFT Games Pummel Party . While the game is similar to CryptoGodz, it’s not nearly as ambitious. Pummel Party  is currently a browser-based game, and it is expected to remain this way for the foreseeable future. However, the roadmap does not specify when a standalone version of Pummel Party  might be available.

There are thousands of NFT game projects on the Game Fi market, and some of them are nothing more than Ponzi schemes. Another game with the same concept is Alien Worlds. It features a virtual solar system and over 2.5 million players. Both games are fun and interactive, and are currently in pre-sale. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the latest games in this niche and decide for yourself which ones you want to try!

In NFT Games, you’ll need to mine for Trilium (TLM), which gives you voting and staking rights in the DAO. Once you have enough Trilium, you’ll be eligible to participate in weekly planetary elections. You’ll be able to vote and even run for a seat on the planetary council, which will help you manage your planet’s economy and distribution of the planetary treasury. However, the game itself isn’t that interesting if you’re looking for a distraction from your work.

Players will also find a number of interesting additions to the game, including the emergence of Axie Infinity, a virtual monster-like pet. Players will be able to breed their Axies to make better teams. As players collect more Axies, they’ll earn AXS tokens, which can then be exchanged for fiat currency. Players can even sell their Axies for profit.

Spider Tanks

When it comes to play-to-earn games, Spider Tanks from NFT Games is one of the most promising. Not only does it offer great gameplay, but it also allows players to own land. Planetary Nodes are game nodes that can be upgraded. As your planet level increases, so will the number of queue slots you receive and the amount of Victory Points you can earn. But one drawback to Spider Tanks is that installing it can be a bit tricky.

To participate in the event, you need to be a Gala Online games account holder, but it is only available to Gala Gold members. In order to join, you must purchase a Gold membership before the pre-registration deadline. Otherwise, you will be limited to using one of the free tanks. The registration closes on June 27 at 12pm PDT, so make sure to order your membership before the deadline. You can join as a crew or as a solo player.

During the beta phase, players can play Spider Tanks for free, or participate in its Pilot Program. Each Pilot can earn SILK for every battle they win, and both Tank owners and Pilots earn SILK rewards. The amount of SILK that each player receives depends on the rarity of the NFTs they have used in the game. Rarer NFTs are more expensive, but they offer a lot of perks.

The gameplay of Spider Tanks is highly customizable, with dozens of tank bodies and weapons to choose from. Players can buy ready-made tanks, or they can build their own. In PVP modes, players can configure their tanks and choose the type of battle. The game includes two multiplayer modes, Capture the Flag and PVP. In Capture the Flag, players attempt to capture the enemy’s flag, deliver it to their base and win the battle.

MAD Metascientists

In MAD Metascientists – NLT Games, you will play as a metascientist, a utility-first digital being with unique characteristics and abilities. Through exploration of the MAD Metaverse, you can transform your avatar from a simple NFT to a fully-realized animated one. Your avatar will evolve into something unique and valuable, and you’ll have the chance to choose your own path.

The main gameplay of the game involves the progression of the metascientist, starting at level one and progressing into five different attributes. Each metascientist starts off with a random attribute in each of the five disciplines, including physics, biology, sociology, chemistry, and mathematics. The metascientists can then evolve into different fields, including astrophysics and genetics. The game allows players to customize their characters by accumulating digital collectibles, which will affect their gameplay.

Users can also customize their Metacells in MAD Metaverse. Nanocells are used to build weapons and other assets, and can be purchased or used in the market. In addition, they can upgrade their Metacells with different types of fuel to gain new abilities. This process will take place in the MAD Metaverse, where most cell customization will take place. The collection tab contains Metascientists, Nanocells, and enhancers.

Players can gain rewards in the evolution-based biodigital metaverse while playing MAD Metascientists – NPT Games. The metaverse allows both non-MAD Metascientists and players to participate. In addition to using MAD Metascientists for rewards, non-MAD Metascientists can also use their own digital art creations to create new art pieces. MAD Metascientists also offer play-to-earn avenues for newcomers.


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