Top 5 Famous Women Personalities In The World

Top 5 Famous Women Personalities In The World

Who run the world ?”


If given the opportunity and exposure, women are certain to rule the world 100 times better than men. A daughter does not qualify as tension. In fact, a daughter is equal to ‘ten-sons.’ No matter how generic the above sentence may sound. It is the truth. Women are better rulers when compared to men.

Empathy has always been one of the strongest suits of women across the globe. However, that does not make us weak and incapable of leadership. It is just that we are better when it comes to executing emotions. 

“ If my strength intimidates you

I hope you realize that is a weakness of yours.” 

The Second Gender

As often addressed. Women have been forced to adjust and fit into the ‘second class’ category, time in and again. Albeit, the statistics concerning female power across the world seem to be a bit different than they used to be a few years ago.

Women achieving positions in the boardroom in one country. Women losing the freedom to live in the other. This has been an omnipresent contrary. Sadly it is raised every time someone talks about women’s empowerment.

Here are the top five famous women personalities around the globe, who have made it out of that aforementioned category.

1. Socorro Ramos

This 98-year-old Filipino entrepreneur, born in Santa Cruz, Laguna, is best known across the globe as the co-founder of the National Book Store, one of the largest bookstore chains in the Philippines. Her full name is Maria Socorro Cancio Ramos.

Ramos was one of the first recipients of the Outstanding Manilan Award in the year 2017. National Book Store currently owns about 145 stores throughout the Philippines, being one of the largest companies in the retail industry.  

2. Kamala Harris

Better known as the first Black person, & the first ever South Asian- American woman, the first-ever woman for that matter- to become the U.S. Vice President. Since then, the 20th of January, 2021, has been etched in gold in the history of the US and the World.

Harries is known to have been setting the bar high. Being the 1st ever Indian-American woman to have been elected in the US Senate House. Setting a precedent to this event was Harris becoming the 1st African-American and of course, the 1st woman who has served as the Attorney General of California.

This supremely powerful woman happens to be a native of California. Was born to immigrant parents in Oakland. 

Even in academic records, Harris serves to be one of the first graduates of a Black University to have secured the status of Vice President. 

3. Nadine Caridi

“You get in life 

What you have the courage to ask for.”

This 54-year-old former model is currently known as the British-American psychotherapist, marriage & family therapist, and author. However, her popularity largely falls back on her somewhat exaggerated marriage with Jordan Belfort- ‘the Wolf of Wall Street’

Nadine Caridi has a net worth of about $3 million, and owning her independent youtube channel, where she hosts ted talks and shows, giving suggestions on marriage and family. It is to note that Caridi had a successful career as a model before she called it quits, post her marriage to Belfort.

However, the ending of that marriage turned out to be quite therapeutic for her in terms of her career.

4. Sheikh Hasina Wajed

Popularly known as the Prime Minister who has served the longest term in Bangladesh. Presently, Wajed has been elected as the Prime Minister for the fourth time.

Although Wajed has intuitions about this being her last term. In the meantime, she plans to focus on the development of education, healthcare and food. Wajed has been facing quite the struggle to establish a firm democracy across Bangladesh.

Wajed’s party Bangladesh Agami League has witnessed a historical win of 288 seats in the parliament over 300.

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5. Anoushka Nara Giltsoff 

A 48-year-old British businesswoman, entrepreneur, media personality, and online influencer – is born somewhere in the United Kingdom. Although, her other identity would be strictly associated with her spouse, the British television artist, comedian, and actor – Sean lock.

The couple was adored by the media for their memorable appearances. Giltsoff currently has a net worth of about $3 million, with a yearly income of $500,000 USD, approximately. Apart from her business, she has got quite the influence on social media. In addition to blogging, Giltsoff is also into freelance and content creation.

Although we do not find a lot of her in front of the spotlight because she prefers to avoid it for the sake of her children. Her absence from the spotlight evokes quite the contrast in terms of her profession. However, this did not seem to affect her popularity among her followers.

“One Is Not Born, But Rather Becomes a Woman.”

Although this list is just the tip of the iceberg. The list of famous women personalities around the world can never be limited.


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