Top 10 Manga Reader apps for Android and iOS

Top 10 Manga Reader apps for Android and iOS

For all comic book lovers, Japanese manga is one of the best choices. And you need to know that now you don’t have to buy a book and carry it everywhere to read the manga.

You can use any of the manga sites or simply open the manga reading app. Therefore, today there are thousands of applications to read manga online.

These mangas can be read at any time if you have any of the applications. In this article, there are Top 10 Android & iOS manga reader apps to help you find your favorite manga reading platform. Visit Geektrendz to know more.

Sleeve storm

Want to read your favorite manga on any website? The manga storm is very simple as well as the most effective manga reader. This application allows you to read high-quality manga using so many features offered by developers. To read your favorite manga from other sites, you need to use the app’s built-in browser or you can just add the site URL. To make your reading easier, this app will let you know what manga you have temporarily read and what you intend to read, so you will avoid reading any manga. In fact, your reading progress will be automatically saved in this application as well.
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Master Manga

Do you want a simple and at the same time convenient manga reader? With this application, you can download the manga online and then watch it offline. Also, if you like any manga, you can add it to your favorite, you can watch all the new editions and chapters of it. To allow you to select from thousands of manga, this application uses various sources. Also, in this application, you can find many anime videos to choose from. And the best part of this app is that you can give your answer by leaving a comment on any comic, so can you. You can share your opinion.

Manga VIZ

It is another best application for reading manga. You can read nine chapters a day from your favorite comic. Here you can also download the manga to read it offline. This app also allows you to mark options to make it easier for you to read. To enhance your experience, this app provides access to the most popular comics and manga, such as My Hero Academy, Super Dragon Bullet, the next generations. Just like cult classics like. Tokyo ghoul, the vampire knight and the official RWBY Manga anthology, etc. Here the application will update new series and manga daily, so that you never get bored reading the same things.

Rock Manga

This application is downloaded by more than one million people. With the collection of over 1k of manga, it now comes in the top manga reading app. High speed and traction are the major interfaces of this application. With this application you do not have to run so many mangas, due to its unique feature, it will analyze your reading choices and then suggest you mangas according to your interest. The most attractive feature of this application is that it has an extensive collection and a UI amazing. So, if you are a comic book lover, this app is a gift for you. It also fixed so many bugs and now it has improved its speed and performance. So that users can experience the best manga at school, on the road or at home anywhere.

Manga Crunchyroll

Want to read Japanese comics on your tablet or smartphone? Sunrise, which is one of the leading developers of manga, introduced this application. So the best manga is on the phone. This app gives you close to personalization while giving you clean-looking features to make your reading taste easier. But one thing you should keep in mind is that the freemium model is basic if you want to have access or unlimited access to reading. You must get a premium membership for the entire series.

Sleeve box

Are you a part-time reader or fan of anime? If so, you can now access them with your tablet or smartphone. It has a mobile-mobile design, so that the whole image can be adjusted on your screen and make it easier to read. And the best part is all the comics that these apps offer for free. To make your reading experience more exciting, this app updates new content every day to help you find something new every day. Plus, there’s less customization, so if you need a simple comic book reading experience, this app is just for you!

Manga dogs

This is another great manga reading app that allows users to read thousands of manga from their smart devices. This app gives you manga access in six languages, including Portuguese, Spanish and English. And this can be downloaded from more than 10 sources. You’ll never miss a new story from your favorite book, as it gives you notifications of all updates. The most interesting thing about manga dog apps is that you can create a virtual library to store all your favorite manga and create a collection.


Do you read comics without a break? Reading a lot of comics is the love of so many people, but at the same time, their search is time-consuming. Thus, this application has divided the library into small sections, so that it becomes easier to search for the interesting comics. They are the series and name of the publisher to view. To make your reading experience more advanced, there are tools for reading. It means you can fine-tune the color for reading comfort without hurting your eyes. In addition, there are options such as a bookmark, unread, and completed for reading management.

Manga Zone

This app is a unique app compared to all the other apps on this list. Because it has a community section, so here you can chat with other people who are manga lovers like you. You can download it from the app store or from the website. I think this is one of the best applications to read Japanese comics. You don’t need any additional settings to download it, so you can install it quickly without taking up so much space on your phone. Here you can block the orientation of the page, you can read a variety of mangoes, you can also comment, share on any manga, and much more.

Sleeve reader for all Android and iOS users, this is the ultimate manga reading app. To win your heart, this application has all the tricks. First, manga readers give you access to read comics from over 30 sources, so you can read thousands of mangas on one platform. Also, the interface of this application is quite simple and intuitive. We can say that the developer did an excellent job after using this application.


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