Tips To Elevate Your Custom Magnetic Rigid Boxes From Good To Great

Tips To Elevate Your Custom Magnetic Rigid Boxes From Good To Great

Packaging with every bit of excellence.

Custom magnetic rigid boxes are packaging solutions that have grown in popularity over the years because they are very functional. 

Magnetic boxes can use for anything, including storing items that need to stay separate, organizing items within a storage area, and even promotional products.

As you may already know, some boxes are just plain and simple. In distinction, others have features you would expect to see with good quality. Such as hinges, dividers, extra storage compartments, etc. With that being said, which kind of magnetic box do you need?

This may seem obvious initially; however, the decision will eventually come down to your intended use and what you need in your product. 


While it may be correct that the more luxurious magnetic boxes look better and have more features, it may not always be necessary to pay extra simply. Because of how it looks or because it has a special feature, such as a divider. 


For example, when you purchase custom magnetic rigid boxes with hinges, they will be easier to open and close. 


This blog will share five (5) different tips to raise your magnetic boxes from good to great:

  • Quality Management


We often get caught up in the design and look of the custom box without considering what packaging materials were used or how it was manufactured. However, we should never overlook that our goal is to get a quality magnetic box for the correct price at the end of the day. 

In general, one of the most common difficulties with custom magnetic rigid boxes is that they are often not properly sealed.

Specifically, purchasing magnetic rigid boxes with no seal or glue along all seams will drastically reduce their ability to hold up over time.

While this may seem an obvious problem, it can solve if you ask your manufacturer how they seal their custom magnetic boxes before placing an order.


Remember; “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”

  • Type Of Magnet 


As mentioned earlier, not all wholesale rigid magnetic boxes are shaped equally. So sometimes, the magnet used to hold the lids onto the box may also suffer from the same issues.

That being said, there are dissimilar types of magnets available. So if you want to purchase magnetic gift boxes, you must ask your producer which kind of magnet they use. Additionally, the magnet’s quality and power will also vary between manufacturers.

Magnets can come in all custom shapes and sizes; round magnets tend to hold sturdier. However, they can get in the way of closing the lids together. 

Wholesale rectangular magnets don’t get in the way as much when demanding to close your lids together. Yet, they don’t hold as sturdy as round magnets.

  • Box Material 


Another factor separating one type of magnetic rigid gift box from others is the kind and quality of the material used.

You should always ask your builder what the custom magnetic box is prepared from and if they could send you a custom sample so that you can see first-hand how it feels.

Doing this will aid you in seeing which packaging material seems like it would be best. And define whether or not their material choice is true for your custom magnetic gift boxes. 

  • Engraving Vs. Printing 


One of the most famous choices for customizing your custom magnetic rigid boxes is whether or not you need them carved or printed.

Both design and printing are good options. B ut eventually, it will depend on what you are trying to accomplish with your product.

For example, suppose you are only afraid of the look of the rigid magnetic closure candy boxes. In that case, printing may be a good option for you. In contrast, carving may be more beneficial if you convey your message. Additionally, the carving is often better at making sure that small details are visible. At the same time, printing can be challenging to see on some surfaces.

  • Lid Finish 


When it comes to the top of your custom magnetic rigid boxes, you need to ask yourself if you are looking for a metallic finish or somewhat more color.

While metal is classically the most popular choice for lids on custom magnetic boxes, different finishes available can change how your customers feel about your product.


For example, gold lids tend to have a luxurious feel, while silver can be more modern and sleek.



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