Tips to crack AI 900 course in 2022

Tips to crack AI 900 course in 2022

The Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Certification Course makes candidates job-ready and offers them a competitive edge over other applicants. Preparing for the Azure ai fundamentals certification program is very much like planning to acquire a goal. 

The most trusted source of authentic information for AI 900 certification examination is the official Microsoft website. When preparing for any examination such as Azure AI Fundamentals it is ideal to go for the most trusted verified source of information.  

It is suggested that candidates familiarise themselves with the objective, modules, study materials, and course of the AI-900 certification exam. It will help strengthen your preparations. 

Online lectures for the AI-900 certification program help enhance candidates’ knowledge and understanding of the topics. Appearing for the self-evaluation tests on Azure AI Fundamentals topics can help you understand your weak and strong concepts. On top of that, revision sessions and practices make you better and help you feel confident about your exam attempt. 

It is good for candidates to go through Microsoft’s official documentation prior to the AI-900 certification exam. It is the best source of knowledge as it offers in-depth information on the fundamental topics covered in the AI-900 certification examination. By referring to official documentation, candidates get to know the scale of the Azure services and the diverse range of modules provided by Azure. 

CloudThat is a pioneering AI-900 certification and training provider in India. The Microsoft Azure AI fundamentals certification program is designed to help aspirants crack the AI-900 examination without hassle. This Azure AI fundamentals training program not only prepares candidates for the examination but also helps them prepare for other prominent roles such as Azure Data Scientist Associate and Azure AI Engineer Associate. 

Prior to opting for the AI-900 certification program, the candidate/ aspirant must have general programming knowledge or experience with code. They are also expected to hold the foundational knowledge of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) principles. In addition to that, they are also expected to have a fair understanding of Microsoft Azure services. 

The AI-900 certification training module covers 50% to 60% of hands-on lab sessions to encourage thinking-based learning. The AI-900 training program helps candidates develop problem-based learning (PBL) and Competency-based Learning (CBL) capabilities via face-to-face classroom sessions and instructor-led training programs.  

The AI-900 certification course offered by CloudThat is divided into four different modules. Each section covers a wider range of topics from artificial Intelligence workloads and considerations, to fundamental principles of machine learning, computer vision workloads, and conversational AI workloads on Azure. 


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