Tips Of Potty Training For Boys/Girls

Tips Of Potty Training For Boys/Girls

We deal with many such challenges after becoming parents, and tips of potty training for kids is one of them. Whenever your child can lift his own weight and stand on their own, it is the right age for potty training.

There is no doubt that first this process starts with the screaming and other protest reactions of the child, and this is a very common thing, but before we teach our child, we need to know ourselves that the children should be kept in the washroom. It is essential to train to go.

Here are some potty training early tips for you that will make potty training a lot easier for you and your child. Usually, very few children learn to potty at a very young age, or else most children have to be taught to potty.  So let’s know how to give potty training to the child.

Tips Of Potty Training

Preparing for Potty Training 

In the first potty training early tips before starting your child’s potty training, make sure that you approach your child’s potty training very positively. Keep in mind that potty training is a challenge for your baby as well, and your baby may not react the way you want. When it comes to teaching a baby, steps like rewards and encouragement make training more fun. That’s why you should make full use of both these things. Also, it would help if you avoided any critical and punishing behavior.

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Best age for potty training

Potty training children requires physical and emotional preparation. A child is physically ready when they develop control over his bowels, bladder, and muscles. Although the best age for potty training is 18 months, some children take longer than this.

Right washroom

You can do one thing when you go to get pot for kids, take them along and let them take a pot of their choice and you can put small stickers of your choice on it, which attracts children more.

Keep your kids interested

To give your child potty training, when they do potty in clothes, take him near the toilet seat and show him where his stool goes. Let him flush his stool as well as explain to him that when the stool comes, we should do it here, not in the clothes, encouraging him to say that they are now grown.

Don’t get angry over failures

This is the age of children who roam here and there. They do not sit peacefully anywhere. That is why you should try not to get angry at him but by inducing something else with love and when he/she does any good deed, praise him.

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Understand the physical and emotional desire of children

Last potty training early tips is sometimes babies show discomfort in dirty diapers in different ways. They try to tell you in gestures as they walk from one leg to the other or if he/she holds the stomach tightly, they hold parent you have to understand the gestures of your child. Their facial expressions also suggest that they will be pottying.

Other tips of potty training can help while giving potty training:

  1. When he/she does potty at a specific they do at the same time, you make him/his sit on the potty seat. If they do not sit like this, then give him some toys and make him sit.
  2. Normally children do potty after eating food, so take care of it.
  3. Always remember that never pressurize children to get trained at a young age. He/she will take more time doing so never let it become a stressful time for both of you.
  4. Let your children be free during this period so that they can actively participate.
  5. Always use simple, practical, and direct language and not negative language.

Last, of all, boost your child’s morale at every step and never leave him alone while pottying.

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