Things you’ll need to registered Meesho Supplier Panel

Things you’ll need to registered Meesho Supplier Panel

Meesho has more than 50 lakh items in various categories, including clothing, cosmetics, as well as household products. Some of the most sought-after product categories include ladies’ ethnic clothing, top men’s apparel, western attire accessories, as well as household essentials. Meesho Supplier Panel allows you to create your own online store without investing a dime sitting at your home.

In contrast to other platforms for e-commerce, Meesho also takes zero commission when selling your items through Meesho. In this article, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know before you begin selling your products on Meesho.

– GSTIN Number

– Active Bank Account

Step 1: First of all, you have to sign up for a seller account with Meesho. You can sign up for an account as a seller account in order to offer your products via Meesho.

Step 2: Enter your account’s email and your password.

Step 3 : Enter your GST details

Step 4 : Enter your address for your pickup

Step 5 : Enter your active bank account details

Step 6: Type in the information for the supplier

Great! You’re now able to gain access to the Meesho Supplier Panel. You can now add catalogs of products, manage your inventory, and even process orders. You can also see the balance on your account and your the status of your payment through the Meesho Supplier Panel.

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After registering successfully after successful registration, you will be granted access to the Supplier Panel. There you can submit well organized catalogs of the items you plan to sell.

Uploading catalogs of your products is the most crucial aspect of selling your items on Meesho. A quality catalog for your product should include high-quality images of your item with an informative description of your product to aid resellers in selling your products through Meesho.

If, for instance, you plan to sell sarees through Meesho the catalog of your saree must showcase every single aspect of your saree in the most attractive way. Additionally should you have the same saree that you have in various colors , you can upload several pictures of the saree in various colors. It is possible to create a beautifully constructed product catalog to help your product more attractive and sell the high quality of your product.

To receive a favorable reaction from resellers on Meesho The pictures you post to show the product you sell on Meesho should be of top quality in order to attract attention from the customer. The images you show must be able to cover all selling elements of your product for maximum profits.

 Garment visual technology is the perfect solution to display high quality images of your products. Software utilizes 3D technology to produce stunning photographs that are realistic 3D pictures of the item placed on models. You can put a saree on the model . The advantage you gain the traditional photoshoots is the time, expense and effort required to complete the process of getting photos of your item on the actual model.

Settlement Amount = Price of Product + Commission Fee ( is based on the product category and product type, usually 0% for the majority of them) GST — TCS

The settlement amount is the amount you receive on the 15th day following delivery of the order. The price of the product is what you choose to give to Meesho Tax is what you are charged for each sale. Meesho is charged 18% GST on commissions. Then, TCS is the 1 percent of the tax-deductible value. Meesho doesn’t charge any fixed fees in the form of collection fees, fixed or hidden costs, unlike other ecommerce platforms. To learn more about how to set a good price on Meesho visit how to make more money by using meesho.

According to the regulations of the government all sellers through an e-commerce platform are required to possess an Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification number (GSTIN). Therefore, according to the regulations you’ll require an GSTIN to be an online supplier to Meesho. ClearTax is one of the partners of Meesho which can aid you obtain an GSTIN for your business that is new.

However, if you’re an reseller, then you don’t need GST numbers. It is possible to start your business from the comfort of your home and get it up and running for free. It’s all you need to do is promote the products you plan to sell through the reseller networks.

When you receive orders to your product, Meesho sends you a announcement via email, as well as through the Meesho Supplier Panel. Meesho will handle the shipping of your product through Meesho’s own logistics partners for no cost. Meesho has partnered with multiple logistics partners that take the items from your premises and then directly deliver it to the client.

Once you have received your order of the item you have listed After receiving your listed product, visit Meesho Supplier Panel and do these steps:

Accept the purchase and download the label

– Pack the product in the packaging and put the label on the package

– Give the item to Meesho’s logistics partners

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Suppliers selling on Meesho retain all of their profits because they do not pay any commission to Meesho.

In contrast to other market places, Meesho also doesn’t cut shipping costs out of your settlement account.

Simple product listing, low shipping cost and secure and reliable payment options make Meesho among the top online marketplaces to sell your products through their reselling platform and millionsand more customers that purchase your items through Meesho.

To expand your business, be aware of the tools that are that can help you learn more about growing your business with meesho.

It doesn’t matter if you are small scale sellers or big companies, Meesho is the best platform for entrepreneurs in the beginning to launch a business selling without an investments.


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