Things You Don’t Notice about an H Type Door Handle

Things You Don’t Notice about an H Type Door Handle

An H type door handle is widely used in commercial spaces. Whether you go to a popular gym, a real estate office, a famous restaurant, a medical store, a mall, and so on, you would find the H door handles used at them. Although these handles are used on the doors of various premises, there are many things that remain unnoticed from your eyes about these handles. We are going to explore this right here, in this article. 

  • Majorly used on Glass Doors: Now, think about all the commercial places where you have visited lately. All such places have one thing in common. These are glass doors. The H-type door handles are found majorly on the glass doors. Their appeal on the glass doors is amazing. Their shiny surface adds charm to the glass doors. An H type glass door handle enhances the appearance of the place without even letting you know. 
  • Take Minimal Space: The H-type handles do not require a lot of space on the doors. They are very sleek in design, which is another fact that makes them look beautiful. Besides, their slim design does not even take up much space in your hands. When you open the door, you would hardly feel that you are holding anything, unlike other door handles. Most probably, this is the fact that makes it an important feature of the office doors. It adds to the convenience of the person who is handling the door.  
  • Slender yet Sturdy: Now, their slender design does not come in the way of the strength of these doors. They can carry the weight of the entire door i.e. one single handle is able to take over the weight of the entire door. Along with giving a sleek look to the door, an H type glass door handle is able to offer robust strength to these doors. This quality makes them a perfect fit for office door handles. 
  • Common in Front-Facing Doors: These types of door handles are most commonly found in front-facing doors. The main doors are supposed to be easy to handle as known and unknown visitors enter through this area. Therefore, the H-style handles are great to be placed right there. 
  • Pull-Style Handles: The handles are usually available in pull style. Their design helps people in making a firm grasp over the handle. It is easy to pull them outward. Their style makes you feel very light while you open the door. Therefore, when you are handling the door, you hardly feel any weight on your palms. It is one of the most unique features of H-style doors.   
  • Diverse Designs: Besides their style, it is possible for you to purchase these handles in various designs. They are available in different designs like twisted, straight, and curved. Hence, you do not have to compromise with a single design when you are opting for H-style handles. 

An H type door handle is, thus, a premium choice for office spaces. The best part is their weight and their easy-to-handle contour make them an ideal option for commercial spaces. 

The Final Words 

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