Things to consider when choosing a secondary school in Dubai

Things to consider when choosing a secondary school in Dubai

Dubai is the most happening and most popular city in the United Arab Emirates, which attracts plenty of ex-pats from different parts of the globe. They come and settle here with their families in search of better career opportunities and quality living standards. All these families have school-going kids, so they often search for the best schooling options. Though the Dubai school fees are sometimes their concern, the quality of education and the career options this city offers makes it worth it.

If you are also looking for a private school in Dubai, brace yourself as there will be plenty of options available. There will be enough options of schools offering the curriculum plan you need and the amenities you want for your child. It would take thorough research and vigorous effort to decide which school would be apt.

Things to consider while choosing a school in Dubai

To help you make a fair choice, we have listed a few things that you can consider while filtering the options and choosing the best school in Dubai

Curriculum Choice and Teaching Methodology

Explore the curriculum options offered by the schools in Dubai and decide which one you want to choose for your child. Most Indian expats choose the CBSE curriculum as it keeps their children aware of their roots, and at the same time, they make them capable of facing international competition. You can also opt for a CBSE school after confirming the teaching methodology they follow. Verify that they are best for your child in every possible way and go ahead with the final enrolment.

School Reputation

The next big thing to verify is the market reputation. Check reviews left by fellow parents, ensuring the feedback say good things about the education quality. You can also check the school’s ratings on different authority websites and choose the ones with an excellent credibility. If you see reviews about poor education standards, do not choose that school and continue your search.

Academic Excellence

Academics is the base for schooling, and the fundamental idea of enrolling into a school needs to be its excellent records. Hence, you should check the past results of the school, ensuring their performance graph has improved every time. You can also refer to their alumni list, checking if their students are doing something productive after school. Then, if everything feels perfect, you can enrol your child and rest assured that their future is in safe hands.

Fee Structure

Check the Dubai school fees while selecting the best option. The ideal way is to take quotes from different schools and compare them, keeping the facilities and credibility in mind. Then, do a proper cost-benefit analysis and finalize the school that provides a quality education within your budget. Remember, you do not have to give importance to the amount you pay as a fee; quality education should be your priority.

School Vision

The most significant factor that no parent should ignore is the vision that the school follows. Check if they work towards the holistic development of children and if they provide enough opportunities in this direction. For example, an appropriate school emphasizes academics but gives equal stress to extracurricular activities. They need to believe that it is essential for children to grow intellectually and get skilled to secure a safe spot for themselves in the future.

These are the fundamental features you should look for in a school that would be best for your child. Make sure you do not skimp on the research part and explore as many school options as possible before deciding. Moreover, keep your child’s abilities and interests in mind so that the school you choose contributes to their fruitful future.


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