The Top 3 Benefits of Having Your Upholstery Cleaned Regularly

The Top 3 Benefits of Having Your Upholstery Cleaned Regularly

Upholstery is one of those things that often gets overlooked when it comes to cleaning. People tend to think that as long as the furniture isn’t visibly dirty, then it doesn’t need to be cleaned. However, upholstery can become just as dirty as the rest of your home if it isn’t cleaned regularly. In fact, not cleaning your upholstery can actually lead to a lot of health problems. That’s just one of the reasons why it’s crucial to have your upholstery cleaned regularly. Here are three benefits of booking an upholstery cleaning service to regularly clean your upholstery.

Benefit #1 – Remove Odours

When left uncleaned, upholstery can start to develop an unpleasant musty smell. This is because it acts as a sponge and absorbs all the odours in your home. While store-purchased deodorising products may be able to mask the smell for a short while, they won’t be able to remove those odours altogether. Upholstery cleaning services use industrial-strength equipment and products to remove all the nasty smells from your upholstery, leaving it smelling fresh and clean.

Benefit #2 – Eliminate Dirt and Stubborn Stains

Upholstery can start to look dull and dirty over time if it isn’t deep cleaned regularly. This is because it collects dust, dirt, and stains, and that’s just part of life and using it. While surface cleaning and vacuuming can help to remove some of the dirt and dust, it won’t be able to remove all of it. When it comes to stains, any spills and messes that haven’t been cleaned up quickly will have likely seeped into the upholstery fibres, making them likely to attract further dirt and them this results in them being much harder to remove in the long run. Upholstery cleaning services have the knowledge and products needed to get rid of all that dirt, dust, and staining from your upholstery, leaving it looking as good as it possibly can!

Benefit #3 – Extend The Life of Your Furniture

Regularly cleaning your upholstery can actually help to extend its life. This is because dirt and dust can act like invisible sandpaper and wear down the fabric over time. In addition, if any stains are left untreated, they can cause the fabric to break down and degrade faster. When you’ve invested in good quality furniture, it’s important to do everything you can to protect it and keep it looking its best for as long as possible. Scheduling a regular upholstery cleaning service is a cost effective way of helping you do just that.

Affordable Upholstery Cleaning Services

There can be huge variations in the pricing quoted for upholstery cleaning services, so it makes good sense to shop around to get the best possible deal. Aim to get a few quotes, but also make sure you aren’t selecting the service on price alone as the old saying goes – you get what you pay for, and so you’ll want to ensure your chosen provider is experienced, fully licenced, equipped with industrial equipment and has a great reputation for doing a quality job.


There are countless benefits that come with having your upholstery cleaned regularly and above are just a few of the most notable ones. If you leave your upholstery uncleaned for too long, it can become nearly impossible to get thoroughly clean again because the dirt and grime will have built up over time and become embedded in the fabric. However, when you have your upholstery cleaned regularly, it will be much easier to keep clean in between professional cleans and is likely to have a considerably longer lifespan. Not only that, you’ll be living in a healthier environment with less dust, dirt and potential allergens in your home.

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