The Most Sought-After Diving Course in Thailand

The Most Sought-After Diving Course in Thailand

Started in 1997 in the Los Angeles area of California – USA, American Divers Phuket provides one of the best Diving Courses in Thailand. It was known as the Beverly Hills Dive Club in 2003 and then branched out to Kauai, Hawaii.

After relocating to Phuket, Thailand, in 2013, we established Siam Aquatic Adventures, where we began teaching scuba diving to tourists from all over the world. Now, in 2022, we have founded American Divers of Phuket, our new business. High levels of engagement with our visitors have always been a cornerstone of our business strategy.

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Why you should learn Scuba Diving

It is excellent for your health.

Breathing gently and steadily is a skill you soon learn when learning to scuba dive. Your lung capacity is strengthened by regular, deep breathing. You may feel more at ease and optimistic as a result of this. Additionally, it is a great kind of exercise.

Since water is heavier than air, it requires more effort from your body to move through resistance. Your legs employ important muscle groups that can tone your body when you’re underwater. Scuba diving has several advantages, including a lower chance of heart attacks and many other medical issues.

Find a friend

Scuba diving is an extremely social activity because you need a “buddy” to go on dives with you. You get the chance to interact with folks you wouldn’t otherwise meet through this. Many scuba instructors and divers have visited many different countries and have interesting tales to tell. You’ll integrate into a select group and create relationships that will last a lifetime.


It will figuratively widen your horizons. Scuba diving can take you to far and fascinating sites all over the world. The globe will become much more accessible to you as you get to visit areas you might not otherwise go. Traveling may also enrich your culture and provide you exciting stories to share.


Discover something most people will never see. 71% of the surface of the globe is covered by the ocean. Many argue that because our solar system has been studied more thoroughly than our oceans, anything can be found there.

Through diving, you may get up close and personal with millions of different types of sea life in their native habitats. You can also look at submerged structures, buildings, and extinct civilizations. Visit our post on the oddest places to dive to see some of the incredible locations you may visit.

Hence, to enjoy all of these benefits, you can choose the best Diving Course in Thailand offered by American Divers Phuket – the most sought after place for Scuba Diving in Phuket.

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