The Many Reasons to Enrol Your Child in the IGCSE Board

The Many Reasons to Enrol Your Child in the IGCSE Board

Unlike olden times, today, the parents are thrown with many options when it comes to the selection of the board. Every board has distinct pros and cons; however, if you want a holistic development of your child, then the IGCSE board is the best bet. Here are some reasons parents should consider it the right choice for secondary-level students.


What are the benefits of studying on the IGCSE board?


  1. Well recognized board


The IGCSE board focuses on improving the students’ skills, and a great impetus is laid on creative thinking. It is one of the recognized qualifications that are accepted worldwide. If you plan to study abroad, find IGCSE secondary schools near me.


  1. Learner centric 

The curriculum is designed in a way that helps the children to learn better. The teaching and learning practices aim to improve their learning without putting pressure on them.


  1. The focus is on inquisitive learning

IGCSE curriculum emphasises developing curiosity among the children. The course encourages the students to stay curious, ask questions and analyse the assessments before finding the solution.


  1. Assessments

IGCSE assessments are reliable, trusted, and transparent. These assessments aim to disdain the rote learning method and adopt conceptual learning to promote high thinking skills among the students. 


  1. It allows them to select different subjects

In the IGCSE board, the students are given many subjects to select from. The board offers you five subject groups, mainly language, science, mathematics, creative and vocational, each aiming to develop problem-solving skills.


  1. The curriculum is curated in a way to encourage students to think logically

The curriculum in IGCSE schools near me and you encourages students to think logically and critically about the different topics. It also helps the students to perk up their curiosity. These principles are well-aligned with the global system of education.


  1. Students can easily make transition 

Students who enrol in IGCSE secondary schools near me and you are more adaptive and can easily transcend to other curricula or schools if needed.


  1. The students learn digital skills

In the IGCSE curriculum, the students will be taught Information and communication technology subjects very early. It will give the students a head start and help them learn to stay digitally active. 


  1. Various assessments are provided to evaluate the skills of the students

In the IGCSE curriculum, various assessments are given for a single project to test their skills and knowledge. It allows the students to learn in their unique style and master the subject. 


  1. They become independent thinkers at secondary schools near me

The IGCSE curriculum makes the students independent learners. They become trained, disciplined, and responsible for their learning. The students will be exposed to independent thinking when they are young in high school. 


  1. IGCSE schools near me improve the analytical and cognitive skills

IGCSE emphasises building practical problem-solving skills among the students. Learning in this board also provides impetus to their communication ability and boosts their cognitive skills, leading to overall personality development. 


  1. The assessments will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the child 

The IGCSE examination and assessment tests are unique to traditional exams. The focus is on identifying the strengths and weaknesses and helping the students to master them. With these assessments, the children can realise their interest in a specific subject and choose their career path based on it.


  1. The students can read from a large variety of textbooks.

The IGCSE board does not prescribe textbooks, and students will likely learn from various textbooks to grasp the concepts better. 


  1. Ideal for the students who want to migrate abroad

 The board is well-suited for students who want to get a global certification, wish to settle abroad, or for students whose parents migrate globally. 


To sum up, the IGCSE board offers several benefits like


  • The students can select the subject that they have a keen interest in.
  • They do not need to read from prescribed textbooks; they can read as many recommended books as possible to expand their knowledge.
  • It is the best option for the students or parents who wish to migrate. 
  • The approach is knowledge-centred.
  • The international students can also pursue their education with this board.
  • The traditional method of spoon-feeding is discouraged.
  • The children will not have difficulty adapting to the syllabus and will learn better.
  • The board gives students an international perspective and develops their problem-solving, time-management, and practical and oral skills.



The IGCSE curriculum is a great choice for students who wish to study abroad. However, finding the right IGCSE secondary schools near me can be overwhelming. Hence, count on Global Indian International School. It is the best option to rely upon. Their school has trained teachers who tweak the students by giving them repeated opportunities. We strive to bring out the best among the students by leveraging their ethical qualities. Contact us to know more.


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