Text message marketing services & SMS for Small Business

Text message marketing services & SMS for Small Business

Have you been searching for a reliable method to increase your lead generation, audience engagement, and client conversion rates? Then, your SMS for Small Business has to be using text message marketing. Any company, no matter the size or industry, can benefit from using Cloud Contact AI for text marketing. It’s flexible enough to serve a wide range of business models, including e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, B2B, and more. When executed effectively, it has proven to yield remarkable outcomes.


How it works

Mobile marketing via text messaging service is a simple tool for small firms to implement. In the world of digital advertising, it is most like email marketing. 

One of the first steps is encouraging people to sign up for a text message list. You can ask them directly in several places, including your website, commercials, emails, and in-store displays/staff.

The first step in sms is getting your consumers’ permission to send them texts. Simple methods for consumers to opt in and join include click-to-join widgets, keywords, and shortcodes. 

Add-ons with a Join Button

Click-to-join widgets are increasingly popular among website owners and online marketers, who embed them anywhere from their homepages to the footers of emails and social media profiles. Customer consent to receiving promotional texts when they input their name and mobile number in the space provided.


The term “Keyword” refers to the specific phrase (made up of letters and/or numbers) that customers use to address your company. Example: FLASH SALE. To have someone respond to a campaign, you’ll have them text a keyword you create in Cloud contact AI to a short code. The prospect could, for instance, send the word “JOIN” to the phone number 44222. They will be added to the list and provide their consent to receive messages from your company after the text has been sent. Online, smartphone-oriented click-to-join features are also available.

Short Code

Short Codes, consisting of five or six digits, are made available to you by your SMS platform. Customers who are interested in subscribing can easily do so by texting the Keyword to the appropriate shortcode.

Send messages.

Once you have an opt-in list of subscribers, you can start sending them texts. You can use this platform to broadcast everything from sales alerts and event announcements to reminders and confirmations of appointments and purchases.

How can a small business benefit from text message marketing?

Clearly, text marketing is a powerful tool for promoting a company’s brand, especially for smaller enterprises. However, it can aid in the expansion of your company in a wide variety of ways.

  • It Sends Personal Messages

In case you weren’t aware, text messages support a wide variety of data fields. Your own custom fields can be made. Many details, such as the recipient’s name, birthday, and when they were last in the store or what they had purchased, can be tailored in this way.

  • Directness

Among the many apps on people’s phones, the text message app is one of the most frequently accessed. Most people only read their email once or twice a day, and messages from small firms are generally instantly deleted. Using a short message service (SMS) allows you to communicate with customers instantly.

  • Specific Promotions Can Be Posted

Like an email list, your SMS list may be divided into subsets. Due to this, we can now deliver very specific offers to certain groups of customers.

  • Reporting

Data on sent and received SMS, number of contacts, and other metrics are usually readily available from text message marketing services. Smart text message marketers use this information to refine their strategies for future text message marketing.

  • An Excellent Method of Gathering Opinions

Do you wish to get insight into how to better manage your company? Sending a text message to a consumer base is a great way to conduct research. It’s an uncomplicated, quick, and easy method of gathering insightful criticism.

  • It’s a Customer Service Channel.

Thanks to the quick speed and accessibility of text messages, you may quickly and easily address your client’s concerns.

  • Recognition of the brand

SMS marketing is a great way to get your small business noticed. Customers’ familiarity with your company and its offerings, as well as their enthusiasm for its goals and upcoming events, are both boosted by regular communications with those customers.

  • In addition to words, there are other ways to express yourself.

Did you know you can send films and pictures through your text messages? Incorporating these strategies into your customer communications can help you engage with them on a deeper level and increase the effectiveness of your messages.

  • Converting leads

You may easily nurture and convert leads with the use of SMS texting. Motivating subscribers to check out your online (or physical) store, participate in your events, and purchase from you can be done via email. This, in turn, has the potential to turn casual observers into devoted patrons.


In order to fit into the 160-character limit of an SMS message, the message must be concise. A text message will not take a lot of time to create or read. With today’s busy lifestyles and short attention spans, SMS marketing can be a huge boon to your small business.

  • Integration of Apps

From your project management tool to your customer relationship management system, you can easily connect them all to your SMS platform.

  • Amplify traffic

The use of short message service marketing can boost foot traffic. After all, brand awareness increases customer propensity to patronize your storefront and online. The percentage of mobile-only traffic to websites increased to 52.6% in 2019 from the previous year.

Why Should Small Businesses Make Use of Text Messages?

You could be asking what the benefits of using SMS for small business are. In any case, there are a variety of alternative options, such as electronic mail, snail mail, social media, and weblogs. The explanation is straightforward. There is a direct correlation between SMS and increased response rates. SMS has a 90% open rate, and the average percentage of recipients who respond is 45%. That’s ridiculously high when compared to the typical open and response rates for email (about 20% and 6%, respectively). Seventy-five percent of consumers also agree that getting text messages from companies is fine. This doesn’t imply you have to stop using other methods of communication, either. Rather, you should use SMS marketing to support existing strategies. It’s inevitable that some consumers and prospects will always lean more heavily on electronic communication methods like email, media platforms, and blogs.

Getting Started with Short Message Service for Local Businesses

The question is, how do you actually begin? First, you should join a reputable text marketing platform. It provides everything you need to build an audience, from subscription collection to ad management to message scheduling and analytics. Your email marketing and customer relationship management tools can both import subscribers from there. Promote your text message list through all of your current marketing channels, including physical stores, your website, your blog, your social media pages, and your email newsletter. After you have begun collecting contact information, you may start working on your first SMS campaign.

Some Instances of the Use of Short Message Service in a Small Business

When and why would a normal company employ text message advertising? A salon in Seattle that uses digital marketing to reach local customers may be disappointed by the lack of response they see. Thus, despite making use of email, social media, and a company blog, the salon has trouble re-engaging its former clientele.

The spa center has decided to use a text messaging service to keep in touch with its clientele instead of competing for attention on these oversaturated and crowded platforms. If clients sign up to receive text message alerts, they will receive a 15% discount on their next visit. In the future, text messages will be used to inform customers of the spa center’s sales, discounts, and other specials. Many potential members sign up as a result of this promotion. The spa center’s new texting channel has resulted in increased customer loyalty. Because their clients are so committed to them, no other salons in the area can compete with them. As a result of this success, the spa center has begun to promote text promotion across all of its web channels, resulting in an increase in new clientele booking appointments.

Regulations Regarding the Use of Text Messages in Marketing by Small Businesses

Please be assured that your business practices adhere to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requirements. You should include instructions on how to unsubscribe in your correspondence with recipients so that you aren’t continually sending them messages they have not requested. The reason for sending the message, any applicable terms and conditions, and any data fees that may be incurred should also be included.

Cloud Contact AI Offers SMS Services for Companies of All Sizes

When it comes to text marketing services for small businesses, Cloud Contact AI is among the best providers. It includes a plethora of options, such as the ability to send personalized messages, text at predetermined times, receive prewritten responses, and view comprehensive data. Our platform offers a free, no-obligation 14-day trial period.


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