Test CPQ-Specialist Dumps & New CPQ-Specialist Test Objectives

Test CPQ-Specialist Dumps & New CPQ-Specialist Test Objectives

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To prepare for the Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist Exam, applicants need to have a good understanding of Salesforce CPQ products and their features. They should also have experience working with Salesforce CPQ solutions and be familiar with best practices for implementing and customizing these solutions. Applicants can find a variety of resources to help them prepare for the exam, including study guides, online courses, and practice exams.

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CPQ-Specialist Exam Simulation: Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist & CPQ-Specialist Training Materials

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Earning the Salesforce CPQ-Specialist certification demonstrates that an individual has a deep understanding of Salesforce CPQ and is capable of implementing solutions to meet the unique needs of their organization. The certification also enhances an individual’s marketability and career prospects in the Salesforce CPQ domain.

Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist Sample Questions (Q126-Q131):

How do you ensure that the value a user inputs into a Configuration Attribute is preserved so that the user does not need to re-enter it when reconfiguring the bundle at a later time?

  • A. Check the “Store Configuration Attribute Values” checkbox in the Steelbrick package settings
  • B. Check the “Store Value” checkbox on the Configuration Attribute record
  • C. Add the Configuration Attribute to the ReferencedFields field set
  • D. Create a field on the Quote Line object that has the same data type and API name as the field you created on the Product Option object

Answer: D

Universal Containers (UC) created a Custom Action called Add Subscriptions and a Search Filter for Products flagged as subscription Products.
How can UC ensure that sales reps are restricted to subscription Products when the reps click on the Custom Action called Add Subscriptions?

  • A. Remove the Subscription flag from the Product’s Search Filters Field Set.
  • B. Set the Filter Value on the Add Subscriptions Search Filter to Hidden.
  • C. Remove the Subscription flag from the Product’s Search Results Field Set.
  • D. Set the Filter value on the Add Subscriptions Search Filter to True and mark the Hidden checkbox on the subscription Search Filter to True.

Answer: D

Universal Containers (UC) uses the Advanced Approvals package for its Approvals process on Quotes. UC’s business model requires that Approval requests are assigned to the user’s direct manager.
How can the admin ensure that these Approval Rules assign generated Approvals to the user’s manager?

  • A. Define the Approver Field on the Approval Rule as a custom Quote field which contains the user’s manager’s User ID.
  • B. Let the user choose the Approver manually and create a Validation Rule to prevent the user from choosing a different Approver than the manager.
  • C. Set Next Automated Approver Determined By to Manager on the Approval Process.
  • D. Populate the Approver lookup on the Approval Rule with the Approver corresponding to the user’s manager.

Answer: A

The Admin at Universal Containers has a requirement within a specific bundle to ensure that product B it is automatically selected when the User selects Product A. The Admin correctly configured it Product Rule to meet this requirement, however the rule does not fire when Product A is selected. What needs to be adjusted so that the Product Rule fires as expected?

  • A. Set Apply Immediately to True on Product record for Product A.
  • B. Set Apply Immediately to True on Product record for Product B.
  • C. Set Apply Immediately to True on Product Option record for Product B.
  • D. Set Apply Immediately to True on Product Option record for Product A.

Answer: A

Universal Containers has the following Discount Schedule attached to product L.
Product L is a Product Option for two bundles, A and B.
A user at Universal Containers has added both bundles to a Quote. In Bundle A, Product L has a Quantity of 7. In Bundle B, Product L has a Quantity of 8. On this Quote, however, both Product Options are being discounted using the second tier in the table above. Which two actions allow both Product Options to be discounted using the first tier?

  • A. Set the Aggregation Scope field on the Discount Schedule to None, as well as uncheck Cross Products.
  • B. Change the Product Option Type for Product L to Related Product in both Bundles.
  • C. Move Discount Schedule X from Product L to the corresponding Product Option records in each Bundle.
  • D. Apply a separate discount schedule to the Product Option records in each Bundle.

Answer: A,C


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