Test CDCS-001 Dumps, CDCS-001 Latest Test Vce

Test CDCS-001 Dumps, CDCS-001 Latest Test Vce

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GAQM CDCS-001 certification exam is recognized globally and is highly valued by employers. Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS) certification is designed to provide professionals with the knowledge and skills required to manage data centres efficiently and effectively. It also teaches professionals how to identify and mitigate risks associated with data centre operations, including power outages, security breaches, and natural disasters.

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CDCS-001 Latest Test Vce, Valid CDCS-001 Cram Materials

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The CDCS certification exam is a challenging exam that requires a solid understanding of data center operations and management. CDCS-001 exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in 2 hours. To pass the exam, candidates must score at least 70%. Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS) certification is valid for three years, after which candidates must renew their certification by completing the required continuing education units (CEUs) or retaking the exam. Overall, the CDCS certification is a valuable credential for professionals in the field of data center management and operations.

GAQM Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS) Sample Questions (Q29-Q34):

How many approaches are there to remove unwanted heat from an IT environment?

  • A. Six
  • B. Four
  • C. Five
  • D. Seven

Answer: C

There are five common approaches to removing unwanted heat from an IT environment:
* Air conditioning: using mechanical cooling to remove heat from the air.
* Air economization: using outside air to cool the IT environment when the temperature is cooler than the desired temperature inside the data center.
* Liquid cooling: using a liquid coolant to absorb and remove heat from IT equipment.
* Evaporative cooling: using water evaporation to cool the air.
* Immersion cooling: submerging IT equipment in a liquid coolant to remove heat.

Which mounted system can use any of the five heat removal methodologies?

  • A. Air Mounted System
  • B. Floor Mounted System
  • C. Chilled Mounted System
  • D. Ceiling Mounted System

Answer: D

___________ protects electrical equipment from damage caused by overload or short circuit.

  • A. Server
  • B. Volt switch
  • C. IEC cable
  • D. Circuit breaker

Answer: D

A circuit breaker is a device that protects electrical equipment from damage caused by overload or short circuit. It does this by automatically disconnecting the power supply when it detects a surge or drop in voltage, preventing the equipment from being damaged.

Which type of Circuit Breaker uses an electromagnetic coil to pull a switch when a circuit carries too much current?

  • A. Pull
  • B. Static
  • C. Magnetic
  • D. Thermal

Answer: C

Magnetic circuit breakers use an electromagnetic coil to pull a switch when a circuit carries too much current, thus tripping the circuit and preventing it from exceeding its rated amperage.

Which one of the following is a Physical Security Device?

  • A. Contactless smart card
  • B. Fiber optic cable
  • C. Access Key
  • D. Token card

Answer: A

A contactless smart card is a physical security device that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to identify and authenticate an individual. This type of card is used in a variety of applications, such as access control systems and digital payment systems. It is also used in physical access control systems, where the card is used to unlock doors or grant access to restricted areas. Contactless smart cards are also used in building access systems, where the card is used to grant access to certain areas of the building.


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