Technology A Comprehensive Guide to Converting PST to EML

Technology A Comprehensive Guide to Converting PST to EML

In this essay, we will look at PST and EML files, as well as why you should convert PST to EML. We will also learn how to manually convert PST to EML and how to use a PST-to-EML converter to make the process easier. If you’re seeking a quick way to complete this activity, this post will come in handy.

What Exactly is a PST file?

PST, or Personal Storage Table, is a popular file type. Microsoft Outlook utilizes this file to save local copies of emails, calendars, contacts, and other data. You can also utilize PST files for backup and migration purposes.

What Exactly is an EML file?

EML, like PST, is a common file format. It stores a single message that includes the subject, sender, date, and any attachments. EML files are supported by many popular email applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and Thunderbird. EML files are also used for data sharing, backup, and migration.

Why should you convert PST to EML?

Other than Outlook, no other email client utilizes or supports PST files. If a user wants to use PST file data outside of MS Outlook, PST must be converted to another file format. Because most email applications accept or support EML files, most users prefer them. As a result, many users convert PST to EML format.

Advantages of EML files

Data sharing has become much simpler.
Many email clients use it.
By altering the file extension to .mht, users can open EML files on a web browser.
It can be used for data backup.

How can I Manually Convert PST to EML?

To manually convert PST to EML, you must have MS Outlook and Thunderbird installed on your computer. To finish this conversion, adhere to the instructions listed below.

Step 1: Import your PST files into Thunderbird.

  • Go to the Settings menu in Windows and pick the Default Program option.
  • Choose MS Outlook (Desktop) from the Choose an app selection after clicking on the Email.
  • Open Thunderbird and select the Thunderbird menu option.
  • Choose Import from the Tools menu.
  • Choose Import All or Mail depending on your needs, and then click the Next button.
  • Choose Outlook from the file type drop-down menu and press the Next button.
  • To finish this conversion, adhere to the instructions listed below.
  • This will save you time and effort.

Step 2: Thunderbird EML export

  • After importing PST file data, choose the emails you want to convert and export. Ctrl+A selects all emails.
  • Right-click on the chosen emails and select Save as an option.
  • Choose the folder in which you wish to save the EML files and click the Choose Folder button.
  • Following the process, navigate to the folder, where you will find all EML files.

This procedure is time-consuming and necessitates technical knowledge. If you want to convert PST files to EML more easily, you can utilize a third-party PST-to-EML converter. You can still save your efforts and time by following this procedure.

PST to EML Converter is used to Convert PST to EML.

The PST File Converter will be used in this case. You can use this software to not only convert and export PST to EML, but also to convert PST to MSG, HTML, RTF, and other file types.

If your PST file is corrupted, you can repair it with the Outlook PST Repair program. You can use this utility to repair PST files and save restored data to PST, EML, MSG, HTML, and other file formats.

Both of these tools allow you to convert PST files to EML files. You can choose any of these tools as per your demand.

  • Launch the tool and select the Add file option.
  • Choose the PST file you want to convert and press the OK button to begin the loading procedure.
  • The software will generate a preview mode inside the software window after the loading process is complete. You can view any message by selecting it.
  • Choose the folders you want to convert and click the Export button.
  • Choose EML as an Export option and enter a location for the generated EML files.
  • To begin the PST to EML conversion, click the Export option.
  • Once the procedure has finished, click on the Close button.

Additional Beneficial aspects

  • PST to EML, MBOX, EMLX, MSG, HTML and more file types can be converted.
  • Inside the software, you can access PST file data.
  • Keep the original folder structure.
  • Process an unlimited number of PST files.
  • Transfer PST files to Office 365 and Live Exchange Server.
  • PST files have no maximum file size.
  • Convert data selectively depending on date, to, cc, subject, from, and so on.
  • PST to EML conversion is free for the first few items in each folder.
  • All versions of Windows Os, including Outlook 2019, are compatible.
  • All Windows OS editions are supported.

Questions and Answers

  • What is the procedure for importing a PST file into Thunderbird?

The PST File Converter program can be used to import a PST file into Thunderbird. You can use this tool to convert a PST file to MBOX format. After the conversion, you can use Mozilla Thunderbird to open the converted MBOX files.

  • Which PST to EML converter is the best?

The best tool for converting PST to EML is the PST file converter. You may also use this program to convert PST to MSG, HTML, and other useful file formats. This program also functions as a free PST viewer.

  • Without Outlook, how can you convert PST to EML?

The PST File Converter program is ideal for you if you wish to convert PST to EML without using Outlook. For the conversion of PST files to EML format, this program does not require the installation of Microsoft Outlook. You may convert PST to MSG, RTF, HTML, and more file types using this program. There is a free trial version of the software as well. You can only store the first few items in each folder when using the sample version.

  • How can I online convert PST to EML?

Users can convert PST to EML online using a number of different websites. Yet, the internet method is not thought to be secure. PST File Converter is the ideal option if you have crucial emails and data security concerns. Users can convert PST to EML, MSG, HTML, and other file types with this desktop-based program. There is a free trial version of the tool as well. You can see PST file contents and export the first few items from each folder for free when using the demo version.


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