Tax Decisions For Pensioners Buying A House

Tax Decisions For Pensioners Buying A House

In the case of property purchase, Russian residents may receive part of the amount paid by them in the form of personal income tax refunds. However, this possibility is not available to everyone, but only those who pay tax on income (13%). Accordingly, personal benefits, pensions, and other non-taxable payments remain from falling into this category. However, with the entry into force of Law No. 330-FZ, dated 21.11.11, pensioners (since 2012) will be able to recover part of the personal income tax.

Decision-making features for pensioners

First of all, define what is a tax decision. This is the sum of housing, personal income tax expenses that can be traced back to the purchase of real estate. He ultimately depends on those who are not only buying an apartment, but also a separate room section, cottage, house. However, as a prerequisite, the income has to be received by the customer within the year before the purchase is taxable at the rate of 13%.

If there were none, but they are in the current (or considered in the future) year, the deposit can be announced later – within three years of purchase. However, in this case, will be retired? According to the adopted law, those who bought an apartment pensioners have the right to receive payment of the transfer period, received in the personal income tax account, but in more than three periods. In other words, they can get a tax deduction for buying a house, but only if you bought the property later than three years after retirement. This rule does not apply to those cases when retired trinadtsatiprotsentnoy income is taxable at the rate (for example, if they continue to work).

Only once enjoy the right to a return of personal income tax, so that the declaration of the purchase of an apartment must be paid to the very responsibility. After all, real estate costs will directly depend on the size of the resulting tax benefits. However, tax payments are not unlimited: tax deductions when buying a house can be limited to two million rubles, or for the acquisition of real estate costs in full. The interest on the intended loan is not excluded separately.

Thus, the maximum personal income tax, which can be returned when purchasing real estate, equals 260 thousand.

Rubles or the actual cost is 13% (this is 2 million. 13%). This means that when buying a property worth 1.2 million rubles, the compensation will be 156 000. But if the apartment price is 4 million. If there was, the refund would be in the amount of 260,000 only.Personal income tax will not be enough to cover the unused balance of just “burn” compensation amount pensioners paid for the three previous purchase years.

Decision Making Example Retired

Consider how the decision will be made in the following example: Mamonov DM retired from January 1, 2011. In 2005 it bought a room in a two-room apartment for 510 thousand rubles. In October 2012, the room was sold, but instead bought a studio apartment for 2.5 million rubles. In 2009, the amount of personal income tax paid by Mamonov was 39,070 rubles. 40 030 rubles – 2010 will be. In 2011, Mamonov did not work and did not pay income tax.

The maximum tax deduction for housing purchase in this case is:

  • 510 thousand rubles – eligible for the purchase of an apartment;
  • 2000 rubles – a fixed limit.

The amount of compensation in the first case is equal to only 66 300 rubles (510 thousand. * 13%). Three years to buy an apartment, a patronage, tax 39 070 (2009) and 40 030 (2010) budget paid so the recovered 66.300 rubles will not depend. 12 800 thousand short. Will not return! Remember that, 510 thousand. Ruble Mamonov to get back in 2006 with the purchase of the house, was able to decide the same tax for the purchase of housing. In this case, the personal income tax from the purchase of the second property is considered a reversion.

In the second case, the account will be refundable personal income tax because the cost of the apartment (2.5 million) exceeds the set limit, the amount of compensation will be 260 thousand (2 000 000 * 13%) .. However, the amount of personal income tax equal to 79 100 rubles to pay for three years (39.07 thousand. + + 40.03 ths.), he will be able to trust that. For the remainder 180 900 (260K – .. 79,1 thousand) was not compensated.

If Mamonov bought the apartment in 2014, he would have lost all the right to make tax decisions for buying a house.

Therefore, for the tax period for retirees they can revise the income tax therefore recoverable amount, and, limited. The decision making sequence is same for other categories of citizens.


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