Tata Hitachi & Volvo: The Game changers of the Infra Industry

Tata Hitachi & Volvo: The Game changers of the Infra Industry

The Indian infrastructure industry is dotted with several breakthrough technical innovations. Driving these innovations are brands manufacturing heavy-duty equipment with utmost technical precision. With the existence of several brands, Volvo & Tata Hitachi evolved to become two leading names in the Indian Infra industry.


Rightly so, these brands have always surpassed their consumers’ expectations. Be it about equipping models with ‘world-first features’ or owning patented technology.


Featuring Tata Hitachi ZW140 & Volvo EC210D

Tata Hitachi ZW140 Wheeled Loader


This is one of the best-selling models from Tata Hitachi. Rightly so, the wheeled loader comes with an operating weight of 10540. This particular feature ensures maximum work output at both construction & mining sites.


Moreover, with a high-performing engine, the equipment can produce up to 129 HP. Additionally, Tata Hitachi keeps up with its notion of providing ease of operation while improving work efficiency.


Furthermore, the model has a spacious cabin equipping advanced operational features. Above all, the price range of this model is quite reasonable. To substantiate, the Tata hitachi 140 price in India starts from Rs. 99 Lakhs and goes up to 1.01 Cr.

Volvo EC210D Excavator


This model from Volvo has surpassed all the work output expectations, thanks to its highly advanced features. To begin with, the model comes with an operating weight of 20000 kg. Such a massive weighing capacity facilitates optimum resource utilisation on-site.

Additionally, this machine can dig as deep as 6730 mm into the ground. Subsequently, this feature largely facilitates tasks like quarrying, digging for building foundations, landscaping, etc. With an engine power of 156 HP, the Volvo 210 further ensures massive work productivity.

Furthermore, the model can lift heavy loads simultaneously with its max lifting capacity of  7240 Kg. More importantly, its price range is between Rs. 62- 64 Lakhs in India.

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