Surprise your friends by sending unique and creative gifts

Surprise your friends by sending unique and creative gifts

If you want to celebrate special events by sending gifts then you can look for them in the local market or search for them online. These days due to a hectic schedule, it is not possible to go and search the gifts in the local market and then send them to the desired location by using another service platform. Your problem can be solved by the special facility provided by E-Commerce websites. OyeGifts is one of the leading websites that provides the best gifts at reasonable prices. You can also get the delivery of the products on the same day because of the Same-day Gift Delivery policy of this website for many of the gifts. You can also make the gift look attractive by customising it. These customised gifts create a different aura. Let us explore some of the amazing gift options available:

The black forest cake

this is one of the unique gifts which is popular among people. Gift this black forest photo cake to your family members and friends. The special feature present in this cake is that you can customise it with the photograph of your choice. The shape of the cake is different from regular cakes as it is a rectangular chocolate cake with designs made of cream with a cherry on it.

Decorative mug

you can customise the coffee mugs with your favourite image or by printing a suitable quote. select the best image that will be printed on the surface of this coffee mug. You also can select the colour and pattern of the designs while selecting the gift. This gift is perfect for occasions of birthdays or promotions.

The cushion

you can select this black and white strip cushion which contains the lovely photograph. A rectangular area in the centre is given for printing the cherish photograph. The borders of the photograph are ink in lush green. This gift can be used as a decoration material or can be kept in the living room. This is a wonderful gift which you can gift to your close friends and family members. When they will receive this gift, they will instantly visit the memories which will be reflected through the photos.

The combination of gift

this is a lovely combination of cushion and coffee mug. The cushion can customise by uploading a photograph of you and your partner. A similar type of image can be uploaded for printing on the coffee mug. This cushion is different from the others because it is made up of white fur. The calm white beauty which carries a lovely photograph in the centre is altogether a different experience.

The tower lamp

if you want to give something unique then this is the perfect option. This is a tower lamp which means the height of the lamp is as high as a scale. The best part which you can see on this lamp is that you can customise around 11 photographs. This means that 11 memories can accumulate in a single frame. One of the best gifts available in the market. You can order this amazing gift which will not only contain 11 photographs but also it will enhance the effect of these photographs upon lighting.

Nostalgic rotating lamp

you can easily find this lamp on the website. This is a unique gift by which you can create a nostalgic effect for the person who will receive the gift. These are special lamps with the feature of rotation. You can customise the lamp by selecting 5 to 6 photographs of your choice. when the table lamp will rotate the photographs will display somewhat in a form of a short video. This is a beautiful lamp which has stainless steel base.

The portrait

you can send the customised portrait to people on special occasions like their birthdays and marriage anniversary. This gift contains a brown designer frame where you can insert the photograph of your choice. A warm loving message is display above the photograph. This is a good option for small events.

The magic mirror

if you want to surprise someone with a unique and mysterious gift then gift this magic mirror to them. This is an ordinary mirror which contains a USB cable. Whenever you will press the button situated on the base of the frame then this mirror will magically display your personalized image. You can customise only one image in this magic mirror. You can customise gifts as per your choice from the wide variety of gifts available in this section of personalized gifts on this website. Enjoy the happiness of sending customised gifts to your friends and family members.

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