Step-by-Step Canada Permanent Residency Visa Process from India

Step-by-Step Canada Permanent Residency Visa Process from India

A common option for people seeking to immigrate to Canada is a Canada PR visa. Many people have attempted to immigrate to Canada because of the country’s welcoming policies toward immigrants and the government’s encouragement of their arrival and settlement.

Aside from this, relocating to Canada offers the promise of a comfortable way of life and suitable housing. Numerous employment options exist, and personal independence is promised. The acquisition of a Permanent Resident (PR) visa is one of the migration alternatives to Canada. You will receive permanent residence status if you have a PR visa. A PR visa has a five-year validity period that may be extended.

Immigration programs for PR Visa from India

There are more than 80 different immigration routes to Canada. The following are the main immigration programmes that allow an Indian to immigrate to Canada:

  • Express Entry: Immigrate as a skilled Worker from India with this program.
  • Family Sponsorship: You can sponsor application of your relatives, and others to immigrate.
  • Provincial Nominees: Immigrate to Canada by being nominated by a specific province or territory.
  • Quebec-selected skilled Workers: Move to Quebec as a skilled worker with this program.
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot: This immigration program is used specifically to immigrate to Atlantic region of Canada.
  • Caregivers: Move to Canada as a caregiver to children, elderly or those with medical needs.
  • Start-up Visa: You can move to Canada by starting a business and create jobs by applying through the Start-up visa program.
  • Self-employed: Immigrate as self-employed in cultural or athletic or other creative field of activities.
  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot: Pilot program to apply for PR Visa to help smaller Canadian communities. 


Canada PR process from India

For five years, the holder of a permanent resident visa from Canada may dwell, work, or study there. A person must fulfil their residency requirements by remaining in the nation for 730 days. A person’s PR visa may be extended for an additional 5 years if they remain in the nation for 730 days. There is no requirement that these 730 days be consecutive. A person may petition for Canadian citizenship after residing there for at least three years.

The majority of immigrants to Canada are from India. The various Canada immigration schemes mentioned above are available in Canada to help these hopefuls apply for a PR visa. Keep in mind that you need to get 67 out of 100 to qualify for Canada residency.

Simply follow these easy steps to apply for PR in Canada under the Express entry program from India:

  • Step 1: Complete ECA – To demonstrate equivalency to Canadian schooling, candidates must get an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) certificate.
  • Step 2: Language test – Pass a language test to demonstrate your command of any or both of Canada’s official languages, English or French. Government-approved language tests must be taken by this applicant.
  • Step 3: Create an Express Profile – Create an Express Profile in the Express Entry Program and submit an application through one of the three federal economic immigration programmes.
  • Step 4: Submit a PNP application (optional) – Candidates may also submit a PNP application through Express Entry. It grants 600 CRS if the certificate can be obtained.
  • Step 5: Receive ITA:  Then, higher-ranked profiles are given an ITA to use within 60 days to apply for a PR visa.
  • Step 6: Medical and PCC test: Complete background checks and medical exams. The candidate must obtain both a medical certificate and a police clearance certificate in this step (PCC)
  • Step 7: Application under Assessment: IRCC will assess your application for a Canada PR visa. If there are any additional needs at this point, the candidate must be prepared to supply the requested information.
  • Step 8: Receive CoPR: The candidate will be given a CoPR (Confirmation of Permanent Resident) at this stage following a favourable assessment of their application.
  • Step 9: Fly from India to Canada to become a permanent resident.

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