13 Good Sources of Carbohydrate: Benefits and Side Effects

13 Good Sources of Carbohydrate: Benefits and Side Effects

Sources of Carbohydrate like Proteins and healthy fats, Carbohydrates are also essential for the body. Carbohydrates act as fuel for the body. For whatever work the body does, it needs energy, and it gets this energy from carbohydrates only. But some people have negative beliefs about carbohydrates.

Some people believe that carbohydrates only increase weight or increase obesity, while it is not so. If carbohydrates are used properly, then you can lose weight and gain weight with its help. We will learn further on how to use carbohydrates.

In this article, we will briefly learn about carbohydrates, good sources of carbohydrate, benefits of carbohydrates, and side effects of carbohydrates.

After reading this article completely, all the misconceptions you have about carbohydrates will be removed. You will be able to understand carbohydrates better and use carbohydrates in your food according to your need.

What are Carbohydrates?

Before knowing the advantages and disadvantages of carbohydrates, it is necessary to understand what carbohydrates are, which will make it easier for you to understand carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are one of the essential nutrients for our body, it is a main source of energy in the body, and it gives us the power to do any work. Carbohydrates are an essential component of our daily diet, consisting of sugars, starches, and fiber.

Carbohydrates are made up of sugar molecules that contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Simply put, carbohydrates act as fuel for our bodies. Without this, our body is of no use.

What are the types of Carbohydrates?

In simple words, there are mainly two types of carbohydrates.

1. Simple Carbohydrates

Excess intake of simple carbohydrates is not considered good for the body. Their glycemic index is also very high, and they also lack fiber, due to which they act to increase obesity in the body. For this reason, they are also called bad carbohydrates. Some examples of simple carbohydrates are sugar, cakes, candy, cold drinks, flour products, etc.

2. Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are considered good for the body. Their glycemic index is also not high, containing fiber and other nutrients. Complex carbohydrates are also beneficial in reducing weight, and very weak people can also increase their weight with the help of complex carbohydrates.

Weight gain and weight loss both depend on the amount of complex carbohydrates you are using in your diet. Complex carbohydrates are found in good amounts in lentils, cereals, and some vegetables.

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13 Good Sources of Carbohydrate 

Carbohydrates play an essential role in weight gain and weight loss, so you should use them carefully. You should be able to identify the carbohydrates in your diet, and you should know which types of carbohydrates are good for you and which are bad.

In carbohydrate sources, we will learn about the sources of complex carbohydrates and sources of simple carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates, also known as good carbohydrates, are considered good for our bodies and health. Complex carbohydrates are found in abundance in our daily diet. The sources of complex carbohydrates are as follows.

1. Wheat Flour

Wheat  flour

A good amount of complex carbohydrates are found in wheat and wheat products. Along with this, fiber and some amount of protein are also found in them. Therefore, you must include wheat flour, bread, and wheat-based foods in your diet. It is the main source of carbohydrates.

2. Brown Rice

Good sources of carbohydrate

Brown rice is the good sources of carbohydrate, and a good amount of fiber is found in it. Most of the people in India use white rice, which has very less fiber content. The rice is polished to make it white. In this process, the fiber present in the rice is removed. You should also include brown rice in your diet instead of white rice, especially when you are losing weight.

3. Oats

Good sources of carbohydrate

Oats are also a good sources of carbohydrate. You can have oats for breakfast in the morning. It is also very helpful in reducing weight. Along with this, protein and fiber are also found in it.  Oats are a complete diet. You must include it in your diet.

4. Tangerine

Good sources of carbohydrate

Tangerines are also a complete diet. It contains proteins, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, and Minerals. Tangerine also helps a lot in weight loss. After consuming it, the stomach remains full for a long time and does not feel hungry soon, due to which you will avoid overeating, and your weight will not increase.

5. Banana

Good sources of carbohydrate

The name of the banana is taken first in the carbohydrate sources. Banana is a fruit that is available for twelve months of the year. The benefits of eating bananas are many. It is a major source of energy. Along with this, there is also a lot of fiber found in bananas which is good for stomach and stomach-related problems.

Eating two bananas after breakfast in the morning gives you energy for the whole day.  Along with this, bananas are also beneficial in increasing weight, keeping the heart-healthy, and removing stress. 

6. Sweet Potato

Good sources of carbohydrate

Carbohydrates are found in abundance in sweet potatoes, which are also called sweet potatoes in some places. Along with this, a good amount of vitamin B-6, iron, and Vitamin D is also found in sweet potatoes, which are very beneficial for health. Sweet potatoes are mostly available in the winter season and are very tasty to eat.

7. Carrots 

Good sources of carbohydrate

Carrots are excellent sources of fiber. They contain complex carbohydrates and many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for stomach and skin-related diseases. Along with this, they are also beneficial for reducing weight and removing constipation of the stomach. You can include carrots in salads.

8. Broccoli

Good sources of carbohydrate

Along with carbohydrates, many nutrients like protein, Vitamin C, calcium are found in broccoli which is beneficial for health. Broccoli is good for weight loss. Along with it, broccoli is also beneficial for skin and hair.

9. Apples

Good sources of carbohydrate

Carbohydrate-rich apples also contain a good amount of dietary fiber, which strengthens the digestive system and is beneficial in stomach problems.

Also, apple consumption is also good for controlling weight, strengthening bones and teeth, and heart problems. It is said that those who eat an apple daily keep diseases away from them, so you should also start eating apples from today itself.

10. Oatmeal

Good sources of carbohydrate

Oatmeal is also one of the healthy sources of complex carbohydrates. It is a main source of energy. Eating a bowl of oatmeal in the morning for breakfast can keep you energetic throughout the day. You can also add dry fruits to make porridge more healthy.

If you are consuming porridge to gain weight, then make it in milk, while for weight loss,you can consume salty porridge.

11. Lentils

Good sources of carbohydrate

Pulses are also included in good sources of carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are found in good amounts in different types of pulses like Rajma, Kabuli Chana, Masoor Dal, and Urad Dal. Protein and fiber are also found in abundance in these pulses. You can also consume these pulses by soaking them and making sprouts. The properties of these pulses increase further when they are sprouted.

12. Fruits

Good sources of carbohydrate

Fruits like mango, guava, pomegranate, etc., are high in fiber and are sources of complex carbohydrates. Such fruits must be included in your diet. Along with fiber, carbohydrates, many vitamins and minerals are also found in these fruits.

13. Vegetables

Good sources of carbohydrate

Complex carbohydrates are also found in abundance in green leafy vegetables and all vegetables that grow under the ground. All these vegetables are rich in fiber, due to which weight can be reduced by using them, as well as their consumption can also reduce big cholesterol in the body.

Sources of Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates are not considered good for our bodies. Due to their excessive consumption, body weight can increase, and many serious problems like diabetes, heart problems, and stomach-related problems can also occur. Therefore, they should be consumed sparingly. Some simple carbohydrates are as follows.

1. Sugar and Sugary Things

Sugar and sugary things made from sugar are simple carbohydrates that are not beneficial for our bodies at all. Excessive use of sugar can increase body weight and can also lead to many serious diseases.

2. All-purpose flour and flour products

All the things made from maida and maida are simple carbohydrates, in which fiber is negligible. Excess consumption of maida can increase body weight and can cause many diseases related to the stomach. Momos, samosas, bhaturas, noodles, etc., are all made of all-purpose flour, do not consume them.

3.  White Bread and Biscuits

White bread and biscuits available in the market are also simple carbohydrates, mostly all-purpose flour is used to make them and does not contain fiber. Instead, eat flour bread and flour biscuits.

4. Packed Juices and Cold Drinks

All types of packaged juices and cold drinks are also types of simple carbohydrates. Artificial colors and sugar are used in making them, which are not at all good for our health.  Avoid consuming them.

5. Candy and Chocolate

Candies and chocolates available in the market are also simple carbohydrates. You should avoid using them, especially young children should be kept away from them. Such simple carbs are the main cause of obesity, and their consumption leads to rapid weight gain.

6. Cakes and Pastries

Cakes and pastries eaten on birthdays and weddings are also simple carbs, and they are very harmful to your health. They contain a lot of calories, which the body has to spend a lot of time and effort on.

7. All Kinds of Fast Food

The trend of fast foods is increasing very fast. Almost all types of fast foods are simple carbohydrates in which fiber and protein are negligible. There is a risk of weight gain due to their consumption, as well as they are also responsible for various problems related to the stomach. You should avoid consuming them.

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Benefits of Carbohydrates 

After knowing the sources of carbohydrates, now let’s talk about why carbohydrates are necessary for our body and what the benefits of carbohydrates are.

1. Main source of energy

Carbohydrates act as fuel for our bodies. They give us strength and energy to work. With the help of carbohydrates, we can do our daily tasks and keep working without getting tired.

2. Helpful in removing weakness

Taking carbohydrates does not cause weakness in the body. It helps remove the weakness of the body. Some people believe that carbohydrates only work for weight gain, due to which they do not include carbohydrates in their food which is not proper at all. Doing so can cause weakness in the body. If your diet contains proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in a balanced amount, then you will never become a victim of obesity.

3. Helpful in building muscle

The benefits of carbohydrates are also very good in increasing muscle. Along with protein, carbohydrates also play an essential role in making muscles strong. It is advisable to take a proper amount of carbohydrates before and after exercise. With the help of carbohydrates, you can exercise for a long time without getting tired.

4. Strengthens Digestive System

Carbohydrates also work to strengthen your digestive system. Consumption of carbohydrates keeps the stomach right and also cleans the stomach openly. For an excellent digestive system, you should not include too many carbohydrates in your meal at night. The body does not need much energy during the night.

5. Helps to gain weight

The benefits of carbohydrates for weight gain are good. People with lean, thin, and weak bodies are often advised to take carbohydrates in food. To gain weight, you should take mostly complex carbohydrates. The consumption of simple carbohydrates should be avoided.

6. Helps in Weight Loss

You can also reduce your weight by consuming the proper amount of carbohydrates in your diet. Do not use simple carbohydrates at all to lose weight. If you are taking a weight loss diet, then definitely include carbohydrates in your diet.

7. Increases Immunity

Carbohydrates also help in increasing the immunity of the body so that diseases do not enter the body quickly. It acts as a protective cover for the body.

8. Beneficial for Stomach Problems

A good amount of fiber is found in carbohydrates. Fiber is very beneficial for stomach and stomach-related problems. The use of fiber also makes it easier to pass stools, and along with it, fiber is also beneficial in diseases like piles and constipation.

Disadvantages of Carbohydrates 
  • Some people have a lot of negative thoughts about carbohydrates. They believe that carbohydrates only cause harm to the body, while this is not the case at all. We told you above that complex carbs are beneficial for your health, and simple carbs are harmful.
  • You also have to keep this in mind and include more complex carbohydrates in your diet, but you should also consume them in a limited amount. If you take too little or too much carbohydrate in your diet, then you can suffer from it.
  • Consuming small amounts of carbohydrates in food can cause weakness in the body, increase fatigue, frequent dizziness, reduce immunity, and cause many diseases related to the stomach. Therefore, a proper amount of carbohydrates must be consumed from your food.
  • While consuming high amounts of carbohydrates can lead to rapid weight gain, an increased risk of diabetes, heart-related diseases, and blood pressure problems.  Complex carbohydrates should also be used in a limited amount.
Proper Amount Of Carbohydrates

You must include 40 to 50% carbohydrates in your diet. It has been seen that some people use only carbohydrates in their food, or some people do not contain carbohydrates in their food which is absolutely wrong. Your diet should include proper amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

To be a healthy person, 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, and 30% fat must be included in their diet. Simple carbohydrates should be avoided, and complex carbohydrates should be included more in the diet.


Carbohydrates are as crucial for our body like proteins and fats. If seen, the good sources of carbohydrate are easily available in our country compared to proteins and fats. Roti, vegetables, and rice are made in every household, yet people have little knowledge about carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body, with the help of which we can perform our daily activities. Our body needs the energy to do any work, and we get this energy from carbohydrates only.

In this article, we learned about the good sources of carbohydrate, the benefits of carbohydrates, and the side effects of carbohydrates. Hopefully, after reading this article, you must have answered some of the questions about carbohydrates in your mind.

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