6 Amazing Side And Back Fat Workout

6 Amazing Side And Back Fat Workout

Side and Back Fat Workout: We often ignore our backs. This is because we cannot see in which position and shape our back and waist are. Its effect is also that often people’s posture deteriorates and at the same time extra fat gets collected in their back and waist. The fat accumulated in this place is also called love handles. 

Now whether you wear Indian dress or western dress, your body shape can look bad due to back and side fat. So why not do a side and back fat workout?

Today we are going to tell you a 10-minute routine that can be perfect to reduce love handles. You will not need any kind of machine to do this exercise routine. You can easily do it sitting at home. If you feel that 10 minutes is a little less, then you can repeat this entire routine two or three times. It has three minutes of cardio and the remaining 7 minutes of different exercises.

With the help of cardio, the heartbeat becomes faster and due to this fat burns quickly from the body. 

6 Best Side And Back Fat Workout 

Jumping Jack

Jumping jack | Side And Back Fat Workout

How to do Jumping Jacks

  1. Stand with both feet together, keep your arms straight.
  2. Jump and open the legs with the knees slightly bent.
  3. When you open the legs, at the same time move your hands upwards and you clap.
  4. Now jump back like this and come back to your earlier position.

How Long Do You Have To Do This Exercise

Do this exercise continuously for 2 minutes. This will be your cardio routine which will not only tone your feet but will also affect your love handles.

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Jump Squats

Jump squats | Side And Back Fat Workout

We will now do a slightly different form of squats. This would be jump squats.

How to do Jump Squats

  1. First of all, stand in a jumping position with knees and elbows slightly bent.
  2. Keep in mind that the feet should not be too far apart from each other.
  3. Now jump and come back down to the same position.

How Long Do You Have To Do This Exercise

You will also do this exercise for 1 minute.

Side Plank Hip Lift

Side plank | Side And Back Fat Workout

This is a position-holding exercise. As is done in plank, in this exercise also you have to hold many different positions.

How to do Side Plank Hip Lift

  1. First of all, lie down on the elbow of your right hand. You have to keep your elbow just below the shoulder.
  2. Now lift your hips and all the weight should fall on the feet and elbows. In this case, your back muscles and abdominal muscles will be stretched.
  3. Hold this position for 30 seconds. If you are not able to do it, then hold 5-5 seconds and take a break of two to three seconds.

How Long Do You Have To Do This Exercise

This exercise has to be done for 30-30 seconds on both sides.

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches | Side And Back Fat Workout

As the name suggests, it is like a virtual bicycle ride.

How To Do Bicycle Crunches

  1. Lie down on the ground and keep both your hands behind your head.
  2. Now lift both feet from the ground and touch your right knee with the left elbow.
  3. Go back to the previous position.
  4. Now touch your left knee with your right elbow.
  5. Complete this entire process quickly.

How Long Do You Have To Do This Exercise

You have to do bicycle crunches for 1 minute. Keep in mind that during this you do this at least 30 times.

Russian Twist

Russian twist | Side And Back Fat Workout

This exercise is very easy, but in this, you have to keep the position of your back right.

How to do Russian Twist

  1. Sit on the ground and your knees should be bent.
  2. Now take your back to a 45-degree angle. Your hands should be behind the head.
  3. Now just fold the back to the left and then to the right side.
  4. If you want to make it a little tough, then lift both feet from the ground.

How long do you have to do this exercise

You also have to do this exercise for 1 minute. After this, your back fat will have a lot of effects.

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Spider-Man Crawl

This exercise is easy to look at but can prove to be the most effective. You will not even know how many body muscles it is working on.

How to do Spider Man Crawl

How long do you have to do this exercise

This exercise is also to be done for 2 minutes. This 2 minutes is because it can have a lot of effect on your body and at the same time it can also improve flexibility.

What Will Happen After 1 Month? 

You’ll see how much this simple 10-minute routine can help you lose back fat. You have to follow this routine continuously for at least 1 month. This is because we are only doing this for 10 minutes and it may take some time to show effect. If you do it twice a day, then it can show its effect in 15 days.


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