Securely and Reliably Export Exchange Mailbox to PST from Offline EDB

Securely and Reliably Export Exchange Mailbox to PST from Offline EDB

Overview: In this article, you will learn how to export your mailbox from EDB to PST without any difficulty. The reasons for the extraction are discussed in the following section of the article. You will also receive one of the best-rated tools in the industry to complete the task.

Many of us are aware that the Exchange Server stores all of its mailbox data in EDB format. As a result, you can imagine the significance of EDB files that contain the entire mailbox data. Many Exchange Administrators keep an EDB backup copy of the user’s mailbox data.

When the need arises to access data from an EDB file, most users prefer to export it first to PST format. However, selecting a dependable solution is difficult because the EDB file contains critical and sensitive information that cannot be compromised.

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So, here we have the most secure utility for transferring mailboxes from EDB to PST while preserving data integrity. Before that, if you’re wondering why a user might need to export EDB mailbox data into PST, we’ve covered some of the most common reasons below.

Factors Involved in Mailbox Export from EDB to PST

There could be a variety of reasons why someone would want to convert offline EDB file data to PST format. The following are a few reasons:

  • To gain access to EDB file data without requiring a connection to Exchange Server
  • When you need to access EDB data but don’t have access to an Exchange Server
  • Your EDB file has become corrupted, and you need to recover its data.
  • Exchange mailboxes must be backed up on a regular basis.
  • Planning to share EDB-stored emails with an Outlook user

We now understand why a user would want to export an offline Exchange EDB mailbox to PST. The following section of the article discusses the most preferred method for completing the task.

Professional EDB Mailbox Export Software Easily convert to PST format

When you don’t have a Live Exchange Server environment, it’s impossible to extract data directly from the EDB file. Even if you have an Exchange Server environment, it is a complex and time-consuming task.

Thus, one of the most rated tools, GainTools EDB to PST Converter, is available to make your job easier and more efficient. This software is the first choice of Exchange administrators who don’t have a lot of time to manually run the process. Furthermore, the tool eliminates the issues and limitations of the manual procedure.

This software speeds up the export process by using as few resources as possible and in the shortest amount of time. While maintaining server performance, the software extracts data from multiple EDB files and mailboxes into PST format.

It can easily repair corrupt Exchange databases and restore mailboxes from Exchange to PST format. This software includes two scanning options (Quick and Advanced scan) for automatically removing corruption from dismounted/offline EDB files without causing data loss.

The software also includes an export report that allows administrators to track the entire EDB to PST extraction process in a single CSV file.

Let’s go over how this tool works in detail.

A Quick Overview of How the Tool Works

  • Get and install the EDB to PST Converter.
  • Select the Add File button to import the EDB file into the tool.

  • In the panel, view all of the EDB mailbox data items.

  • Select the PST option to convert the EDB mailbox to PST format.
  • Select the destination folder by clicking the Browse button > Click the Export button.

Finally, your offline Exchange EDB file’s data will be extracted into PST format.


After reading this blog, you should have a thorough understanding of how to export a user’s mailbox from EDB to PST file. This is the best write-up for you if you also have an EDB file that you want to access in Outlook or keep as a backup copy. You’ll find the best solution here for extracting complete mailbox data from EDB files without losing any data.


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