Scholarships at the University of Hertfordshire you must know

Scholarships at the University of Hertfordshire you must know

One of the public and modern universities located in the North of London is the University of Hertfordshire. Being one of the biggest universities in the United Kingdom, this university enrolls approximately 25000 students from 90 countries. Besides these opportunities and attractions for international students, there are several other benefits of getting enrolled in this university.

This university is among the universities that have great links with the industries and provide many opportunities for the students to get a job and experience in these industries. You will get a chance to explore these industries during your studies while you will have a higher chance of getting a job after you graduate. You better should apply for the subjects you want to study, but you must not forget to consider the available scholarships for international.  For ensured admissions and a grant or scholarship, you must take the help of the educational consultants to proceed with your application at this prestigious university.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with the international scholarships available for students at the University of Hertfordshire.

Top 6 scholarships for international students at Hertfordshire

If studying abroad with financial aid is one of your dreams, then you can opt for several universities in the United Kingdom. One of the universities to which you can apply and secure a scholarship is the University of Hertfordshire. This university offers a wide range of scholarships for international students, which gets you closer to achieving your studying abroad dream come true.

Below are a few scholarships that are offered to international students at the University of Hertfordshire.

1.    Chancellor’s International Scholarship

Chancellor’s international scholarship is available for all the new entrants that have received an offer letter from the university. This scholarship will be granted on your academic achievements and excellence, and the amount will vary accordingly. The scholarship amount ranges from £500 up to £4000 and will be deducted from your tuition fee every year.  If you are eligible for this scholarship, you will be informed in the offer letter you receive. You can always hire the services of the education consultants in Islamabad to make sure you receive an offer letter successfully.

2.    UG Tri-Annual Scholarship

All undergraduate students that are applying for an undergraduate degree at an international university for the first time are granted this scholarship.  You will receive this scholarship or fee discount every year for three or four years of a taught undergraduate degree; the discount you will receive each year will be approximately £1,000 or £1,300. The total discount you will receive in four years taught undergraduate degree is approximately £4,000 or £5,200.

3.    Early Bird Payment Discount

It is one of the discounts available for every applicant from every eligible country where students get a discount of 1000 fee.  This discount is offered to first-time applicants, and this is a one-time payment for the first year. All the students applying for the September intake this year are required to apply before the month of April to successfully receive this opportunity. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you will not be eligible for any other internal or external scholarship if you are receiving this discount.

4.    Study Abroad scholarship

Those students already enrolled at Hertfordshire and have completed an exchange program at the university are eligible for the scholarship. This scholarship is not a fully funded scholarship but is a partial one offering a fee reduction. The study abroad scholarship gives a 20% discount on the total fee in any of the postgraduate taught programs you choose to study.

5.    Sports Scholarships

Besides financially supporting science and engineering students along with other departments, the university has much to offer the athletes. The sports scholarship offered at this university financially supports the athletes that represent their country on international and regional levels. The amount granted will vary from one athlete to the other, and each applicant will be considered and assessed individually.

6.    External Scholarships

All the above-mentioned scholarships are internal scholarships granted by the university itself. There are plenty of external scholarships as well that financially support international students enrolling in Hertfordshire. The most prestigious ones are the Chevening and the Asian government scholarships. You will have to receive an offer letter from the university before you apply for the scholarship. So, make sure to seek help or hire the services of education consultants in Islamabad to successfully receive an offer letter in your desired subject.

Are you ready for a chance?

If you are looking for a chance to study abroad this year, this is the right time to begin your application process. It is difficult to get an offer letter to the most prestigious universities when the competition is so high. So, make sure you are hiring the services of education consultants near you to help you secure admissions to your desired course and institution.


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